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Healthcare costs increasing: Private health insurance costs are rising on an annual basis, this is a known fact.

Illness: Lifestyle conditions, like obesity, poor diet choices resulting in chronic diseases are prevalent and on the rise. The World Bank in a recent report highlighted the need to focus on preventative health care and promoting healthy work and lifestyles.

Presenteeism: This means the employee is physically present at his/her workplace despite chronic illness or injury out of fear of job or financial loss but not able to actively engage in his/her job. This is in contrast to absenteeism due to illness. Many employers are not fully aware of presenteeism tendencies in their workforce.

Stress: Workplace stress often results in poor health management which in turn creates non-benevolent outcomes for employees – and their employers. An increasing number of employers are showing interested in wellbeing management.

Denial: Despite suffering some of the world’s worst rates for chronic illness (diabetes, cardio-vascular), many employees are in denial about the state of their health. Education around  healthy life management, proper nutrition and how to reverse or stop chronic diseases would better align perceptions and reality.

Benefits of Hiring a Wellbeing Coach:

Companies with a high rate of absenteism or presenteeism can learn to establish a holistic wellbeing platform that helps to build a thriving, vibrant workplace that boosts morale, fosters active engagement, enhances human performance and positive interaction, attracts and retains talent and overall reduces costs related to managing illness and retraining new staff due to absenteeism.

Good Health is a crown worn by the healthy
that only the ill can see.
Arab Proverb

Challenging the Old Paradigm: Status Quo – companies strive for profit maximization only to satisfy shareholders/stakeholders

versus the New Paradigm – companies aiming for a healthy workforce that loves to spent time at the workplace and thus releases abundant creativity for the company they are working for. This in turn creates better results for all – the shareholders and the workforce.

Leading with a purpose includes resilience, happyness and necessity based innovation.

The Value Proposition to establish Wellbeing within a company:

  • increased productivity
  • containing medical costs due to absenteeism
  • inspiring creativity, better efficiency eliminating potential for mistakes and accidents due to risk mitigation
  • spark collaboration among the workforce as this produces better results than fierce competition

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a multidimensional approach. It includes physical health, social, spiritual, emotional and work related factors as well as education on managing personal finance and mental hygiene. Science on the contrary has taken a mechanistic approach and compartmentalizes everything into separate disciplines. Instead we need to look at the whole sum of all its particles to achieve a state of equilibrium – wellbeing.

How Does Inspired Health Coaching Lead to Wellbeing?

In fact a Health or Wellbeing Coach is an Agent of Change in Perception and Doing to help individuals understand, through a step by step plan, how to reverse chronic conditions back to vitality and Happyness. Happy people are more productive and innovative. Incorporating wellbeing principles into business goals, means infusing  the workplace with an air of sweeping vitality by replacing common stressors and immune system destroying junk foods and sugar loaded illness causing soft drinks with inspired concepts of better life and work management.

Consider workplace wellness a noble movement rather than a boring chore. A movement is an initiative and drive to capture the hearts and minds of leaders, managers and employees alike. A Health Coach acts as a Perception and Health Game Changer by sharing and expanding wellbeing leadership skills, empowering people to develop and cultivate an open thinking mindset towards creating health as the most vital asset for an individual and a company as a whole. It’s not only about being smart with technology, it’s much more about creating experiences for positive and inspired life altering things to happen in the real world.

Learn to discern what is beneficial for human health and what is detrimental. People are generally fed up with “expert” talk about health and what to do to achieve it. People are hungry for new insights, “how to’s” and crave for feeling genuinely motivated through game changing agents that present a fresh outlook on old problems and how to solve them in a fun and informed way.

The focus needs to shift towards intrinsic motivation and a collaborative approach to well living, sound working, and aware beingness. We all need to learn to become wellbeing leaders rather than disease survivors or illness managers. 

Successful businesses in the future depend on their level of encompassing wellbeing – mentally and physically – and adopting this as a vital component and basis of wealth and wisdom creation. Sharing and inspiring wonder and giving back to those who serve the corporate interest with their personal life-time and vitality is the currency of the future.

Becoming an Agent of Change requires courage, discipline and creative vision. PERCEPTION CHANGER: See business also as a giveness. Businesses need to stop trying to impress their customers with made up stories that are see through fakes, and rather lead and inspire by sharing real life stories of real people who overcame struggles. Showing how to lead a truly inspired life through story telling based on the principles of integrity is the better marketing concept as it serves the purpose of valuable information and inspiration.

Businesses of the future need to create value stories, stories infused with true insights and meaning (logos is the Greek word for meaning). Infuse your data with soul, active and truly inspired dreaming and heart touching storytelling to become a leader in your sector of industry. Become a mission driven company and join the rising breed of business leaders that are motivated not just by money but also by making a difference and pursuing a larger societal goal.

People are moved by a deep sense of purpose, direction and conviction. Agents of Change speak to and from the heart. After all, workplace wellness comes from the heart and serves a higher purpose, it’s not just costs.

Always ask “What is possible?” Workplace wellbeing is reaching beyond health – it creates the foundation for possibility versus what is wrong. The goal is to create a working environment where everybody becomes their best selves. Wellbeing is to spark an interest in perpetuous self-care with knowledge about immune system enhancing nutrition as the building block. Working out every other day is good but without change of diet the sweating is a futile exercise as it does not prevent illness. Processed food and toxic environments are the root causes of illness.

Every movement starts with YOU. Adopt an ethos of BELIEF and get ready for your next CHALLENGE…!

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