Re-CONNECT With Your Inner Core!

Ego says: “Once everything falls into place I will feel peace!”
Spirit says: “Find your peace then everything will fall into place!”
(Marianne Williamson)


The Via Nova Life approach is to look at complex questions in life and help you live a healthier life, make better decisions and ultimately be free from negative circumstances governing your life. Set the stage for a fulfilling future by looking at what is happening NOW… 

Want To Become a Perception Changer?

A PerceDCIM100GOPROption Changer is a person who dares to look at the world and his/her own life with new eyes. S/he is a person who wishes to make lasting changes for him/herself by having the courage to confront the issues as they are presenting themselves in the now.

We need to change old habits, especially the way we filter information and look at the world. Perception Changing Tools serve as eye opener to new possibilities. These tools are energy healing based methodologies drawing from ancient Shamanic Wisdom as well as modern mindfulness techniques.

They help you to change your outlook on your present situation and how you can come out of confusion and disorientation. These techniques do not re-traumatize by feeding or bringing up old unpleasant events.  They rather seek to connect you to the very core of your being to find the blockages and release what is no longer serving or enhancing your life.

Focus On Heart-centered Navigation And Logos-Creation

This is a list of themes running through our existance:

  • Conscious vs unconscious – who is the real driver in your life?
  • Paradoxon: The brain has no power… real change happens from the heart!
  • Integrity: Find out how living your authentic truth will make life easier.
  • Quest for meaning versus living a life fulfilling goals others set for you (Burnout Syndrome).
  • Change your “Field” and everything follows.
  • Senses: Upgrade from limited 5-senses materialistic view to awareness.
  • Fearism is calling for more fear (FEAR = false evidence appearing real) – what is the purpose of fear?
  • How to transform from “Human Doing” towards “Human BEING“?
  • The Power of past – present – future events, the legacy of our ancestors and how it plays out in our daily life.
  • Energies: What are life enhancing and what are life disrupting energies?
  • True Identity – Who am I and how many? Hiding behind masks – not showing the real you vs stepping into authenticity.
  • Dis-ease – the body expresses disharmony – find the root of your illness. There is always a story behind…
  • Vibration: Match the vibrational level of the life you REALLY want to live.
  • The Law of Resonance and how it affects everything.
  • The Law of Polarity – we draw into our life what we don’t want – why?
  • Thinking Patterns: Limiting beliefs are conditionings and selfsabotaging patterns that can make life dysfunctional.
  • Depression: How antidepressants make matters worse versus healing past wounds through energy correction for lasting well-being.
  • The Law of self-responsibility – Am I really the creator of my life? Or who is? 
  • Fear of death or fear of life? This is the big question, cancer and other degenerative illnesses are often a fear of life or carrying an unconscious energy called “death wish” which can be energetically eliminated.
  • Manifestation – time for perception change and action – the law of attraction only works in combination with the right ACTION – else it remains a lucid dream…
  • Manipulations: Learn to discern truthful information from irrelevant data.
  • Forgiveness – THE biggest stumbling block towards personal freedom and peace of mind.
  • What IS the big picture for life? Do you know it for yourself?
  • Truth: Finally “walk your talk” – get out of destructive and toxic relationships and false compromises.

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