Wake Up – It’s Dreamtime – Redesign Your Life in 2017!

Discover Active Journeywork as an
Ancient Form of Meditation
Explore Dreaming with an Intent
by Diving into 
the Nature of all Things…

In the discordant times we live today, new diseases of the mind and body have appeared and such challenges prompt us to seek new ways to old problems. Also read article about soul loss and recovery. 

Important Note: Journeywork is derived from Shamanism and it is neither a religion, nor dogma, nor does it interfere with any faiths or religious traditions. It’s an ancient science dating back more than 70,000 years, where indigenious peoples discovered how to access the non-ordinary dream worlds by intent and bringing back unique time tested wisdom needed to solve a range of issues from health, relationship to everyday challenging life situations, where people could not find viable solutions by accessing their logical brain faculties only. 

In this new experiential workshop you can find out, how the ancient Art of Dream Journey can bring you incredible new insights into your life, that you have never anticipated possible. Dare to have a vision, have a new business and get insights, new ideas, connect to your intuition.

You will be properly guided into learning this Sacred Art. A lot of people find meditation boring, as it is perceived as “nothing happens”, and we are accustomed to a world where a lot is happening 24/7.

Active dreaming is a different form of meditation, a more fluid experience, done with the help of a sonic drum beat. A lot happens during such journeys, and at the same time you are entering this deeply relaxing theta brain wave state. After a dream journey you feel physically and mentally recharged and full of mind-boggling insights.

As these journeys are done with a purpose and an intent set before the journey starts, you get incredible information directly relating to your life, and this knowledge is immediately applicable in your ordinary day-to-day life. During a dream journey you completely lose connection to time, 5 minutes can seem like 2 hours, and 2 hours can feel as if only 5 minutes have passed. In meditations as it has been taught in various schools, many people already struggle to maintain a truly meditative state for 10-15 minutes. A dream journey is a highly experiential, colourful and direct form of revelation. Everybody who has mastered this art of connecting to other worlds, has witnessed a massive shift in their life, and especially their health.

Join Christine on a new way of journeying towards self-realization, entering multidimensional spaces you have never seen before…

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Course Fees: USD 111

Duration: half day

Date and Location: Dubai – TBA


This is what people say…

Christine knows stuff about life and spirit realms, I had never known exist…

She is very thorough, diligent and clear and transparent in her teachings.