Life is not a problem to be solved but rather a mystery to be experienced.
(Rainer-Maria Rilke, German Poet)

By sharing my unconventional approach to cancer, I hope to inspire you to start looking into healthier and more meaningful ways to deal with cancer and at the same time reach out to those who actively seek to prevent getting diagnosed with cancer by taking charge of their mental and physical healthIt is my goal to help demystify what cancer really is – an illness of the mind and soul, manifested as a physical wake up call. I attempt to explain this in the simplest ways possible in my coachings.

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I hope to encourage you to let go of your limiting believes and fear on the subject of life and death and start embracing the concept of POSSIBILITY.

With today’s mass media and ready availability on all subjects, including alternative, complementary, integrative cancer treatments, people research themselves often into total indecisive confusion and analysis paralysis. Unfortunately family and close friends are all too often no help since they still believe that toxic treatments are the only treatments available and effective. 

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Important: There Is No One Fits All Cancer Protocol Or Treatment!

The often, purposely misguided information, about alternative ways of handling cancer, needs to be changed through educating people on the many options available. Currently more than 400++ alternative and integrative treatments are known. There is a growing community of people who beat cancer naturally. Think and reflect thoroughly before you agree to allopathic toxic therapies that have harmful and often long-term effects on the immune system. 

My Business Experience In The Life Science Field

I worked for a large multinational pharmaceutical “Life Science” corporation for five years. My role in the research and development department was to organize big international corporate events and manage the entire IT system for 120 scientists. I took part in many trainings and I have gained insight into how the pharmaceutical industry approaches the topic of cancer and other degenerative dis-eases. 

2015 – My Cancer Background

I was diagnosed with colon cancer (stage IV) in June 2015, after a 5 months’ long odysee through clinics and meeting various doctors, who completely mis-diagnosed my symptoms. I was given wrong treatments and inappropriate medication, and only at the very last moment, I was referred to a very capable German doctor, who told me, that I am seriously and extremely ill, and needed to go to hospital immediately. Despite my profound dislike for hospitals, I realized that my health and my entire life is in a very critical state. So I decided to have everything tested inside out, which culminated in having a large tumor surgery (3 doctors operated on me for 5 hours) and removal of 20+ centimeters of colon. Immediately after surgery I received numerous “recommendations” to start radiation and chemo asap. I categorically refused. I had already done lots of research into alternative cancer therapies and dared to take my recovery and healing process into my own hands! I developed my own cancer healing protocol and personal road map for recovery without any help from any doctor or health professional!

A Snapshot Of My Personal Cancer Protocol:

  • Detox body & mind 
  • Change to vegetarian/vegan diet
  • Eat lots and lots of superfoods   
  • Take organic natural high quality supplements on a daily basis (up to 70 different supplements, all of which I have tested with kinesiology whether they are suitable for me and enhance my immune system)
  • Ozone Therapy (3 times per week) for 3 months
  • Invented a “Cancer Killer Meditation” practise (visualized how the cancer cells in my body commit suicide called “apoptosis” means programmed cell death – cancer cells normally don’t die – they keep on multiplying)
  • Started journaling and uncovering all the emotional issues that were the root causes of my cancer
  • Practised Shamanic dream journeying (to find the root causes and appropriate medicine) 
  • Terminated toxic relationships in my business and personal life
  • Changed my business model to working less and having more fun doing what I love to do!

Result: Cancer free after 4 months in October 2015 (tumor surgery done in June 2015)!!!

Information On Treatment Options

Since I have conducted extensive research on alternative treatments and natural remedies for cancer, I can guide my clients to well documented resources for healthy treatment options that are legally available to you that support life, rather than suppress immune system. Many of these treatments your oncologist may not (yet) know about, which does not mean they are ineffective. I myself am the best example that you can overcome cancer in natural ways, if you are willing to educate yourself, and take responsibility for your life.

Download my Cancer Questionnaire Guideline. Your Oncologist will be impressed. Doctors are not used to informed patients!

My Goal

I make every effort to help my clients to understand, and navigate the cancer journey and subsequently overcome fear (fear = false expectation about reality). I coach about holistic solutions and life style modifications that encourage the healing process. The end result is an empowered patient who is able to work with his/her physician and to make intelligent, appropriate and confident treatment choices

Personalized Services Include

  • New cancer knowledge you’ve never known before
  • Develop enhanced decision-making skills
  • Advice about ways to improve quality of life and cancer prevention
  • Personal insights combined with mindful support techniques for healing
  • Guide you through an energy reading of your body 

I specialize in

  • Life Style Training to prevent cancer (body – mind – spirit)
  • Information on conventional cancer treatment options and their effects on the body
  • Creating an integrative and holistic cancer care plan that you can discuss with your doctor 
  • Latest cancer research information
  • Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strategies to restore wellbeing
  • Information on what are the lifestyle factors enhancing cancer
  • Detailed information on cancer fighting foods and supplements
  • Information on vitamins, supplements, and herbs and from what sources you can buy good quality
  • Developing intuition skills