Develop A Successful Cancer Beating Regime


The Good News is: 95% of all cancers can be prevented. If you already have a diagnosis, you want to know how you can control cancer. First of all, cancer is a failure of the immune system to control cells. Therefore, the most important activity and top priority is to restore the immune system. How do you do that? Pure and high quality herbal supplements, natural super foods, change of diet to vegan, completely avoid GMO and junk foods, physical as well as mental detox, moderate exercise, mental reprogramming, and termination of toxic relationships. These are the root basis activities to address cancer, NOT quickly opt for chemotherapy or radiation.

Our bodies produce cancer cells on a daily basis. A well-functioning immune system easily takes care of that and sends cancerous cells into apoptosis (means programmed cell death), a compromised immune system can no longer do that and as a result cancer cells multiply. 90% of cancer today is caused by environmental toxicities, combined with unresolved mental issues and ongoing high levels of stress. Chemo destroys the immune system and the bone marrow which is needed to recreate a lot of the immune cells. Sugar is cancer’s primary fuel and it’s contained in substantial quantities in all the food items that are manufactured in industrial food production. Raises the question, why oncology hospital wards serve a lot of food high in sugar and full of artificial sweeteners?

Too many people are still UNNECESSARILY dying from cancer (or more often from Chemo). Having beaten cancer myself by avoiding the conventional treatments, I see it as my mission to contribute to the subject from my point of view and help spreading the TRUTH to the world that there are indeed many “LIFE SAVING” cures. You need to educate yourself first before making a decision! That’s your first step towards recovery.

A Cancer Diagnosis is NO Death Sentence!

A breakdown can be turned into a breakthrough if you follow certain steps that lead to clarity about your situation. Once you find the true cause of your disease healing can begin…

Yes, the diagnosis is a blow in the face and sweeps you off your feet. No doubt! But fear and panik are not good advisors! Overcoming cancer (for which I am living proof) requires following a strict protocol which considers the physical, mental and soul level aspects. It is my personal believe that everybody has the capacity to beat cancer. Personally I do not use the word “Cancer Victim” – because it is very disempowering – this word is often used by conventional oncology to make people powerless!

You need to know that every dis-ease has a root cause – so does cancer. It is usually a combination of various factors such as poor nutrition, toxic relationships, living with false compromises (e.g. wrong unfulfilling job, stress, specific and subliminally induced fears, toxic products, substances, massive pollution including waves and frequencies from wifi, microwave, antennae, mobile communication, TV, phone, laptop devices, etc – a detailed list you find in my book “Victory over Cancer is a Decision!”).

We can chose to correct our life style choice mistakes and adopt a healthy approach to LIFE. After having gone through the process of transforming cancer stage IV back into health, I know which areas need focus and how to meticulously address every facet of the cancer patient’s life in order to foster recovery.


The best Chemotherapy you can take is the quality of food you eat!

Optimal nutrition is the composition of food items that support the body’s growth and repair mechanisms and keeps the immune system active. Good or bad nutrition is determined by its level and quality of raw materials, the body’s nutrient deficiencies or excesses, sensitivities to different foods, whether the digestive and elimination organs are functioning properly or if they are in stress from too many ingested or emotional toxins. Many factors will determine the ability of our cells to assimilate and absorb nutrients optimally. We each have very limited ability to support poor nutrition over long periods. Eating healthy and nourishing foods can be learnt and it can be fun. I personally read each and every lable of what I am buying. The best advice is to stay away from any and all processed and packaged foods – especially fast food “restaurants”.

Lifestyle Evaluation And Change 

Follow an informed Lifestyle and reverse cancer!

Research over the past 40 years shows that lifestyle factors play a huge role in cancer incidence and mortality. In Lifestyle evaluation we’ll address the everyday activities, habits and environmental diligence that is necessary to build good health. Slow or even reverse the growth of cancer cells by eliminating the stressors that our daily habits, traditions, addictions, behaviors and others engineer within us. Believe that you can triumph over cancer! Learn how to reactivate healing in the body by boosting physiological and mental resources that will make a significant impact in becoming well again. 

Psychology Of Cancer 

Your Immune system heals your cancer. Heal your immune system first!

All illnesses, including cancer, have their origin on an energetic level first, before they manifest as physical dis-ease. Constantly harboring negative thoughts can kill you faster than any junk food diet. The emotional trigger point is completely overlooked in conventional oncology. The focus is purely on the physical level of symptoms and how to get rid of them. Curing symptoms is not healing! Only when the root cause is addressed, and dealt with, cancer can disappear and stay out of the mind and body. Tumors of all types may arise after a sudden shock, loss or conflict.

As part of the healing journey, all of us can be encouraged to resolveA photo by David Cohen. old conflicts, identify our own needs, believe that we deserve to have those needs met and identify and express emotions constructively. We need to discover our personal “outlets” to strengthen self-power. Along the way we learn to accept responsibility for our thinking and actions and cultivate constructive and beneficial thoughts that can manifest in life what we desire – a life free of any dis-ease. This is not some new age talk, there is real Quantum Physics science behind. Take a look at the video from Heart Math Institute on Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence in the Download Section.

Put the focus on resolving conflicts (often we have to say good-bye to toxic relationships including stressful work situations), develop assertiveness, transform limiting beliefs, understand communication styles and all the factors that influence life on emotional, energetic, rhythmic, structural and mental level. Techniques of imagery and visualization combined with ancient wisdom knowledge open up magic doors to a truly Via Nova Life (lat. expression for new way). There is a clear link between the level of stress in our lives and cancer.

Ancient healing modalities such as Shamanism combined with relaxation techniques, meditation, proper life management, prioritization of what is really important in life, and other coping techniques will help tremendously.

Our wellbeing capacity depends upon our willingness and resolve to heal ourselves emotionally as well as physically!

Questions we should ask ourselves:

  • Why have I manifested cancer (or any other illness) into my life? This implies taking responsibility and not acting out of victimhood.
  • What is the story behind... start digging! Get beyond the material world of things into the realms of emotions and energies.
  • How can I get out of victimhood thinking into detective mode? Learn valuable tools for self-diagnosis of dysfunctional mental states and how to transform them.
  • What social masks am I wearing and how are they blocking me? Becoming authentic is key. It involves stopping all lies in our lives including the ones we tell ourselves.
  • How can I craft my true story for an empowered life…? Start journaling.

If you want to change your life for the better contact Via Noval Life for a free 15 min. assessment of your situation.