there is more to life than meets the eye…

Holistic Health & Informed Life Management

Dare to join us lifting the veil of collective trance. Up-level yourself to a new reality of truth, develop a healthy body & sharp mind to better navigate the perils of everyday life. Get information you haven’t heard anywhere else…yet!

Are you confused about your life and where the world is heading to? Do you find it difficult to think clearly (suffering from “brain fog”)? Are you looking for new insights to fix old problems and confront new challenges? If your answer is yes, then our “rock-the-boat” game changing seminar will be a stepping stone into a more informed and aware holistic life model. Experience a mind-boggling agenda connecting the dots between holistic health, new technology, informed life management and spiritual aspects and how all of this translates into and transforms our life, work and business reality.

What would the world be like if each one of us dared to tell the truth, and only the truth, now and henceforth? What if all of our leaders, corporations, and political institutions did the same? What kind of world might we live in, starting right now? 

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Benefits when YOU Smarten Up

  • Profit from hundreds of hours of deep research into topics off any mainstream coverage.
  • Realize to what extent we all have been brainwashed to believe false concepts about reality.
  • Learn better self-care, develop an awake mind, up-level mental & physical health by looking at aspects of life/work/business from a completely different angle.
  • Re-invent yourself 180°C! Step out of mainstream matrix thinking/acting into self-awareness.
  • Create new streams of income using brand-new block-chain technology based social networks.
  • Hear about topics never aired on mainstream TV/media but still profoundly impact your life.
  • Dive into off the beaten track tips, resources. Upgrade your life in meaningful & practical ways.
  • Learn to discern fake data from truly helpful and health enhancing information.

Agenda – Connecting the Dots – from the Tipping Point to the Turning Point

HOLISTIC HEALTH – What does it mean?

  • Dangerously low levels of Vitamin D lead to chronic disease such as cancer.
  • Health hazards of fluoridated drinking water (bottled and tap) and why nobody talks about it.
  • Overuse of antibiotics. How you can create your own antibiotics using all natural ingredients.
  • What are superfoods? How do they improve mental and physical health?
  • Cancer: Why Chemotherapy doesn’t work and how to get rid of cancer naturally or prevent it.
  • Benefits of juicing – a natural and easy way to detox the body and boost the immune system.
  • Junk Food & Brainfog: You are what U eat! Food with hormone distruptive ingredients (MSG).
  • Soft drinks, sugar, processed food connected to chronic disease (e.g. Alzheimers, Diabetes, etc.).
  • Why corporate sponsored scientism hijacked real science.
  • How cleaning out the gut from toxins changes mood drastically and eliminates depression.

Become a master of TECHNOLOGY instead of having it enslave YOU. Lead an informed life!

  • How modern technology enslaves people to the extent that they lose their identity.
  • What is Transhumanism and how close are we to its full implementation?
  • How AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) impacts our life in a multitude of ways.
  • What does SMART really mean (smart meter, smart grid, smart banking, etc.)? Is smart really all that beneficial or what is it they don’t tell us…? Yes, there is something…
  • New G5 mobile technology: What is it? Will it impact our health, fry our brain & disrupt our life?
  • What are the hazards / benefits of alternative currencies such as Bitcoin over Fiat (trust) paper/digital money such as USD, EUR, GBP, etc?

We are SPIRITUAL beings. Wake up from collective trance of constant material diversions…

  • What is word Magick and Spell? Who uses it and for what purpose? Guaranteed Eye-Opener!
  • Under which law is the global economic system really operating and why is English the common denominator for international communication? – You’ll be surprised!
  • How permanently switching off TV heals many of our worst problems… Stop allowing to become a totally programmed system “sheeple”! Instead adopt the concept of self-responsibility.

WORK & BUSINESS. Welcome to a whole new world full of disruptive technology…

  • How can you finance travel around the world by becoming a professional blogger?
  • Pros & cons of a fully automated Internet that “knows, surveils & connects” everything and everybody without our knowledge and consent. Noticed roll-out of a pervasive control grid?
  • What is human micro-chipping, brain implants and why you should avoid it like the plague?
  • Who really owns Facebook & Google! What is their deep agenda cloaked in user friendliness?