Are you in a space of transition and need help to figure out your way?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get out of where you are right now?
Are you looking to develop a self-care plan?

What To Expect When You Enlist My Services?
Whether you are currently experiencing serious health, or emotional issues, or you are a spiritual seeker who wants to learn energetic hygiene and discernment practices, or you are looking for authentic practices to connect you (or connect you further) to your spiritual path and inherent power, my coachings offer in-depth information and practices to assist you on your path. My practices and coaching style are a synthesis of direct revelation and experience as well as many years of research and practice in metaphysical and spiritual sciences combined with a solid 25+ years in international business background. I am a hands-on and practical-get-down-to-the-core coach. I am neither a “lightworker”, or “new-age guru” nor a “neo” shaman.

My coachings are about helping you to restore balance in your live, learn to discern what information is relevant and what are fear mongering manipulations. I cut through to the root issues of a challenging situation and help you to be pragmatic in your approach seeking to achieve mental and emotional clarity with your life situation through clearing away illusion and hindering believes.

Welcome To Via Nova Life If You Are

  • looking for up to date, non-conventional, natural medicine remedies, and information on alternative and complementary cancer therapies 
  • searching for holistic health professionals and clinics who offer complementary, natural, and alternative therapies around the world
  • willing to do anything it takes to restore your health, happiness and design yourself a new life of meaning (personally or for your business)
  • interested in learning about natural and spirit ways to combat cancer and benefit from firsthand experience how to become successful in designing a cancer free lifestyle
  • confused about life and you want more clarity where to move next
  • if you like to learn to design a step-by-step plan for coming out of mental traps, self-sabotaging patterns and get to know YOURSELF deeply

What Is Your Benefit If You Chose To Become My Client?

  • You will find out what it takes to deal with life threatening situations and not lose hope.
  • How you can re-design your life to be more healthy and stay cancer free.
  • State of the art information and recommendations on how to educate yourself regarding the multitude of alternative treatment options available if you have a cancer patient in your family and you want to support somebody who has in the best possible way.
  • How you can move from employee thinking to entrepreneur acting (getting out of tiring, unrewarding job situations is key to health and purpose in life).
  • How you can overcome and end toxic relationships in your personal and business life (toxic relationships are a great factor in developing cancer).

 What You Can Expect From Via Nova Life Workshops And Coaching

  • I apply vision and imaginative approach to resolving issues and overcoming all manner of obstacles; my research ability is meticulous and I am always going to the bottom of things.
  • I will give you honest and practical feedback!
  • I believe in encouraging people and bring out the best of their talents and character.
  • To give all effort and knowledge to help you make the best of your situation.
  • You will get a lot of information that you will not find on mainstream media. 
  • I have tried and tested all recommendation, information and products I am advocating for, you can rest assured I am not in the business of marketing products to make a quick gain.

If you want to change your life for the better contact Via Noval Life for a free 15 min. assessment of your situation.