Are you in a space of transition and need help to figure out your way?
Are you finally willing to look for truth in your own life?
Are you seeking to develop a self-awareness plan?


What To Expect When You Enlist My Services?

Whether you are currently experiencing serious health, or emotional issues, or you are a seeker who wants to learn energetic hygiene and discernment, or you are looking for authentic practices to connect you to your path and inherent power, my coachings offer in-depth information and practices to assist you in your journey. My coaching style is a synthesis of direct experience putting many years of research into transformational processes. If you are looking for a hands-on, practical-get-down-to-the-core coach I look forward to working with you.

Kindly note that I am neither a “lightworker”, or “new-age guru” nor a “neo” shaman.

My speciality is to cut through to the root issues of a challenging topic and help you to be pragmatic in your approach seeking to achieve mental and emotional clarity with your life situation through clearing away illusions and hindering believes.

Welcome To Via Nova Life If You Are

  • looking for up to date, non-conventional, natural remedies, and information on alternative and complementary health (focus on cancer) modalities; 
  • searching for guidance in how to tackle your health – mentally and physically;
  • willing to do what it takes to restore your health, happiness and along the way design yourself a new life of meaning;
  • interested in learning about natural and spirit ways to combat disease and benefit from firsthand experience how to become successful in designing a cancer free lifestyle
  • confused about life and you want more clarity where to move next
  • like to come out of mental traps, self-sabotaging patterns and get to know YOURSELF on a deeper level.

What Is Your Benefit If You Chose To Become My Client?

  • You will find out what it takes to deal with life challenging situations and not lose hope.
  • How you can deprogram your mind from false beliefs to be more aware and healthy.
  • I give you insightful information on how to educate yourself regarding the multitude of treatment options available if you have a serious issue in your life.
  • How you can move into self-aware right brain thinking and informed acting (getting out of tiring, unrewarding job situations is key to health and purpose in life).

What You Can Expect From Via Nova Life Workshops And Coaching

  • You will be able to apply creative approaches to resolve issues and overcome all manner of obstacles.
  • You learn to go to the bottom of things.
  • Receive practical tools to navigate more safely on your quest towards authenticity!
  • You will get lots of mind-boggling information and mindful resources that you will not find on mainstream media. 

If you want to change your life for the better contact Via Noval Life for a free assessment of your situation.