It’s actually NOT what you think or been told what it is.

For those who actively seek it, life is indeed a path to knowledge. Pause for a moment to ask yourself the question: What is light? Light is illumination, it is the ability to “see”, therefore it is information. It is knowledge. The light has given you knowledge of the reality you exist within. Thus to be “enlightened” is to have knowledge about the circumstances of your personal life, the world as a whole and how things are related to each other.

The reason many fail on the path to enlightenment is due to their unwillingness to consider, or look at, certain uncomfortable information due to their inabilities in the processing of such information. To the point our world and humanity have been pushed to now, which is standing on the brink of either waking up to the ugly truth about the state of affairs in our own lives and on a larger scale on this planet, or continue to blindly obey the system and become forever enslaved in it. The choice is yours!

Gaining real knowledge about political agendas (that are not in humanity’s favor – none of them – nowhere!) is not pleasing and downright scary to learn about the fact that this planet is at the top run by people who have no soul and no conscience. The current global political landscape in the West can be called a kakistocracy. A kakistocracy is a state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens. The word was coined by English author Thomas Love Peacock in 1829. The word comes from the Greek words kakistos (κάκιστος; worst) and kratos (κράτος; rule), with a literal meaning of government by the worst people. Government, military and police are not our protectors and not  friends of the common people. Their purpose is self-service.

This is a hard concept to grasp for many, yet it is true when one starts to connect the dots. This is the reason so many are incapable of processing information properly because truth is stranger than fiction and it turns many people’s beliefs upside down. Gaining knowledge on a whole range of highly disturbing issues makes one aware that epidemic problems exist and simply don’t go away by relying on governments to solve them (as they are the ones who create the “problem-reaction-solution” bubble in the first place). Only admitting such knowledge to one’s mental faculties provides one with the opportunity to heal or correct a situation.

How can anybody protect him/herself against something they don’t know exists?

Yet, willful ignorance of such important issues allows people to continue living their lives in oblivion, ultimately to the detriment of human kind. Collectively we have forgotten that we as the human race are powerful and therefore must stop arguing about small things and unite and support each other.

Individuals who have been pursuing the new age way of spirituality often hold the belief that they are of a “high frequency”. Subsequently such individuals think their refusal and unwillingness to look at negativity will protect them from “lowering their vibration”. But be careful what you believe. Belief is the enemy of knowledge! The unwillingness to look evil in the eye is deeply rooted in FEAR. If fear is the underlying driver in keeping someone’s frequency high, then when confronted with an atrocious situation, how high is their frequency then to deal with it?

In most cases people who are totally focused on only seeing the “positive” crumble and falter when the going gets tough. Whereas people who are courageous enough to look at unpleasant things and not dwell on them but rather find out what is the underlying that is causing such situations (e.g. who orchestrates all these shocking events globally – really – it’s not what the public is made to believe…) are much better prepared to deal with uncertainty and highly challenging situations.

The “new-age high frequency people” are simply living within their self-created bubbles of ignorance and apathy and are living their entire “enlightened” existence rooted in the fear of never truly facing reality, let alone attempting to step into their true authenticity. Many live from an ego and shadow self basis (although many claim they have transcended ego and therefore are enlightened, which is another self created illusion). A false self doesn’t even survive a light breeze blowing in their face, let alone catastrophic events.

So what is enlightenment?

The real process of “enlightenment” entails stripping your (dream) world and cluttered mind bare of everything you thought you were, everything you thought you knew and start realizing who you are and what you are doing with your short time here in this exciting world where the worst atrocities humans can commit reside next to beauty and caring expressed by the higher evolved ones…

Enlightenment is the opposite of what the airy fairy new-age movement has been one-sidedly propagating for decades. New-age saga engages mostly in trying to eliminate the dark by ignoring it fully, and simply pretend it will go away, if we just focus long enough on love, light and meditation. This is a false and very dangerous assumption that eventually drives people deeper into despair as the darkness will not just fade away if we simply ignore it. Dark forces thrive while we ignore them, this is what they actually prefer! So we do them a favor by looking the other way.

We have to accept that there are light and dark forces (of human and non-human nature) running alongside on this planet and we have to deal with both on the inside and outside. True awakening can only happen once we embrace our dark aspects and do the necessary shadow work to free our minds, souls and hearts from the blindness that we have been subjected and conditioned into from our childhood days till NOW.

Humanity has, for the most part, lost its way completely! Can we reverse this?

There is no more excuse why we are not doing this important work, as all the information we can possible need to wake up from this artificially manufactured trance, is readily available to us through books, internet, personal observation, and gatherings of awakened people (check out “Free Your Mind Conferences”). There is no way around but to accept and embrace that  enlightenment (waking up from the material driven matrix illusion) is a heavy and thoroughly destructive and painful process. Everything we believed in is being stripped away during this process as nothing stands the test of truth anymore. In its wake we will come to see the world and what is really happening in a complete new light of hightened self-awareness.

This process has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. It also has nothing to do with considering oneself superior to another. We are all in this race together and either we make it together or we might all be doomed.

Enlightenment is the ultimate and consistent crumbling away of un-truth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense and globalist propaganda, corporate lies, manipulations and willful malicious deceit. It’s the complete eradication of what we thought is true and relevant. Once we understand we live in a matrix of illusions created by a small minority of self-proclaimed elitist groups, politicians, corporate hyenas, and dark forces, and change our belief systems, do the shadow work to clear our past wounds, we can truly embark on our life purpose of discovery and follow our own path and calling.

Strength, honesty with oneself and courage are the key ingredients to walk this path of revelation. Everything is hidden in plain sight, all we need to do is strip away the illusion of a false entertainment industry that wants to keep us trapped in illusion and external stimuli and their supporters, the corporate fake news-media, false flag political acts of terror and war. Disinformation has become the norm that so many people are accepting without questioning, let alone wanting to do something about it. The first step to change perception is easy. Simply switch off TV and refuse to buy into mainstream media lies of imminent threats that are artificially created most of the time. Then you will see how much time you have freed to do “real” work.

Disinformation is disguised as perception management presented as a marketing armageddon of 24/7/365 bombardment of false reality and stuff we must crave and buy to make our lives better. This couldn’t be further from truth. Instead we must go inward to face our own shadows and demons. This process can neither be outsourced nor ignored forever.

People often ask themselves: “What is my purpose in life?” …and look for some grandiose path of healing and saving the world or fall for the new “follow your heart movement” (often propagated without clearing your deep past wounds). We can only follow our heart once we have disentangled us from the great illusion of what is happening here on prison planet earth and stop feeding corrupt systems that have nothing but our detriment planned for us.

Our collective purpose in being incorporated in this body at this time of history is to free ourselves from the bondage of indoctrination and false reality that has been imposed on us over generations. Humanity will soon have reached a point where it is being made dispensable and be replaced with cyborg machine beings who only follow orders and serve the elitist agenda of creating a global slave society – to serve THEM.

Without confronting our own dark aspects, which have usually been buried for years and decades, we will never see the falsehood of a fabricated reality that has kept us enslaved till this day. We do not have endless amount of time at our hands left as the globalists are pushing hard to turn humanity into a transhuman cyborg, robotic, non-thinking society governed by IT clouds and computer algorithms that “think” for us and dictate our life.

The extreme speed of technocracy and addiction to technology (Smart Phones) and social media are a major threat to humanity and can ultimately lead to its extinction as we know it. A true identity is what makes us unique and not just being a small piece in the grid of uniformism. The true connection to higher realms are made through consciousness not through artificial clouds. We must choose between fear (false evidence appearing real) or love. Love is a state of consciousness and can only be achieved by up-leveling our emotions, feelings and clearing past deep seated wounds in our psyche. There is no shortcut or way around.

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names. Ask yourself: Are we more free or less free? Stop following other people’s leadership or call for a new leader and be your own leader for a change. The only thing that can create a  better world is accepting the truth of all the falsehood that is, the monstrous cruelty mankind has been lured into and stand up against this practice by clearing our past – present and future of our own shame, guilt and fear.

Do we want to be order followers and continue to be obedient to malicious humanity destroying systems, driven by corporate criminals and soul-less beings or do we want to create a new world of trust, truth and honesty? Ultimately the whole human exercise is about discovering who we really are…Do you want to participate or continue sleeping?

Time to wake up and start a true Via Nova Life path!

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