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2017 is a year of huge shifts and massive transformation. The energies are very disruptive, nothing stays as it was. We are all tossed into various states of confusion and forced to upgrade our thinking. In this Blog, I share articles that are challenging the current paradigm of competition and being separate. I pick up on new ideas and themes to help create a New Story for Human Kind. Living a healthy life in line with our true nature creates the absence of cancer and other degenerative illnesses. Exposing the truth and awakening from the collective dream about false material reality is the first step towards a new positive and sustainable world  for human race to peacefully globally co-exist.

I hope to create an enticing environment for people to start looking deeper into their personal issues and beyond the material world of money and things. Only when we develop a genuine desire to get to know ourselves on a deep level, we understand what is going on in our lives and why we keep falling into the same traps over and over again. The key is SELF-KNOWLEDGE and SELF-POWER, then we can withstand the storms of these challenging times. Once we comprehend ourselves beyond a superficial level, we can have passion for others, and work towards COLLABORATION, and get away from competition, which makes people sick and frustrated, and creates more problems than it solves.

Burn-out or even Bore-out Syndromes simply put means, pursuing other people’s ideas, goals, deadlines (for money purposes only) and not one’s one. Over time individual and collective soul becomes depleted when we keep working against ourselves full speed. A lot of people are still not prepared to start looking into their “stuff”, but that doesn’t matter anymore, as the planetary energies are so strong, they throw everybody into their issues, by force, if need be. A better way is to muster the courage to wake up and start the personal Discovery Journey with an intrinsic motivation rather than being forced by NATURE.

In my articles I am looking at spiritual, philosophical, health-related and worldly aspects as to why cancer of the mind and body is an increasing epidemic phenomenon and how we can come out of the traps of disillusion. Only when Human Beings are able to see and decipher the bigger picture of what is happening in the world, and how global events relate to personal lives – that’s called “connecting the dots” – then healing from mental and physical illness can become a reality for everyone.

If you have constructive criticism or praise, please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts and help create the ground for transformational change. A change we all crave and desperately look for. Let’s work together to achieve this goal in the very near future.


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