Transformational Life Coaching

Look at Via Nova Life coaching with Christine as an investment in your future. There is life before and there is better life after conquering your biggest obstacles…

Get resourced and recalibrated. Continue with a larger vision of life and self. Go into something new that has heart, meaning and vision and do something purposeful with the rest of your life. Offer your soul gift without shame and guilt. Learn appropriate use of personal power based on authenticity. We all have resources, we just have to uncover them to enter new realms of discovery. Stimulate your imagination. 

What Will You Gain?

Via Nova Life coaching is based on natural innate wisdom, creative life-affirming exercises to help you access your inner guidance. These aspects are integrated with holistic health and wellness principles, ancient shamanic wisdom practices, as well as exploring the texture of repressed emotions. My coaching aims to provide you with a new toolkit for difficult times in life and helps establishing an undeniable connectedness with yourself. 

As your coach, I will look at major aspects of your being and your future business or visionary venture. I take a holistic approach to bring you in deeper contact with yourself and your reality. 

I aim to empower you to redesign your life; challenge you to expand beyond your current comfort zone limitations; and guide you in fully embracing the role of a perception changer to steer you towards your true path. All of the answers are within. The magic happens through carefully crafted courageous and open conversations, which will draw out the deep truths hidden in your subconscious and your ancestral memories and transgenerational baggage. Once identified, these truths will open you up to what your soul longs for and helps you overcome what is currently blocking you in your expression.

Get Started

We will work together to craft a new future, and you will be guided along a step-by-step path to create this future, starting with dream journeys and the art of story crafting and many creative visualization exercises. This will move you into concrete new reality. We will go deep, discover and create together a new life design that suits your soul’s needs.

Come on board for an unforgettable journey towards yourself!

In this section you will find explanations and further information on the perception changing energy tools used in Via Nova Life Coachings and Workshops.

Shamanism – Cancer

Sacred Geometry – Awareness

Spiritual Response Therapy – Dissolving Blocks

NLP – Resolve Mential Issues