Soul Loss is Referred to as Depression or Dissociation in Modern Medicine

What is soul loss?

When we go through severe trauma or even bitter disappointment or violent shock (e.g. car accident, body attack), the soul or parts of it may leave the body, to escape as it cannot handle the present situation (in modern psychology this is called “dissociation”). Shamans of old times simply call this soul loss as that captures what it is – our essence has left the body. It is a form of survival strategy management. When the mind cannot handle the physical, emotional pain it dissociates these parts and burries them – often very deep and for very long. Dissociated soul parts do not just go away, they exist in other realms but do weaken the person’s entire life support system – mentally and often physically.

Examples: A child who has been abused, a survivor grieving for a beloved partner who has died, a lover who has been betrayed and abandoned, a soldier who is shell-shocked, and the victim of a terrible accident are all likely to have suffered major soul loss.

Another aspect is that soul loss does not necessarily have to be a result of a major “event”, or the result of violent experiences. We suffer a lesser degree of soul loss when we choose one direction in life over another, or when we put our energy and focus into one thing rather than another – like holding on to the stressful or non-satisfying job instead of pursuing a creative project or setting up one’s own business, or staying in a boring, unrewarding (or abusive) relationship instead of breaking free from such bondages and leaving the situation. Soul loss may be merely temporary and transitional “soul drift”, as when we are jet-lagged and it takes a while for us to catch up with ourselves. Very often people settle into dissatisfying life circumstances not realizing that they would have the power to recover such lost soul parts.

What are the symptoms of soul loss?

Common symptoms of soul loss include: chronic fatigue, emotional numbness, chronic depression, spaciness, being remote/aloof, addictive behaviors (food, drugs, alcohol), low self-esteem, inability to let go of past situations or people (playing unpleasant situations as an innuendo movie in our heads), dissociation and multiple personality disorder (commonly referred to as the “psychopath”), obesity or unexplained weight gain/loss, abusive behaviors, absence of dream recall – being completely blank when waking up, recurring dreams of locations from earlier life, or of a self separate from present self.

What is the difference between someone who has suffered substantial soul loss in their bodies and someone whose soul body is fairly intact (which is rarely the case these days)?

For people with a lot of vital life energy in their bodies, most of the symptoms of soul-loss listed above would be rare, transient, or absent. For someone who has suffered significant soul-loss, at least three or more of these symptoms are likely to be present or even chronic. This is usually when modern medicine comes in and prescribes anti-depressants which make the symptoms even worse and often end in premature death (suicide) or aggressive external behavior towards others.

Why does the soul have a hard time staying in the body?

We suffer pain or abuse, grief or shame, and part of us finds the world so cruel that we want to go away. Soul loss is also caused by challenging life choices: we decide to leave a relationship, a home, a job, a country, a lifestyle — but part of us resists that choice – so we constantly feel torn apart inside, sometimes to the point of splitting away and withdrawing the energy from our lives. We also lose soul energy when we give up on our dreams and settle for a life of dull and false compromises, refusing to trust ourselves to love or to take that leap into a new life.

Where do the soul parts – or in more and more cases – the entire soul go when they leave?

Sometimes we find that a part of ourselves is stuck in a familiar place, e.g. our parents’ house, or in the apartment we shared with our partner (who may have left or deceased). Sometimes a soul part we lost seems to be living in a totally separate reality, which is inaccessible to the normal person who does not know the Shamanic practice of soul loss recovery.  People who are depressed for long times or find life hopeless or meaningless often subconsiously wish themselves dead, a part or even a large part of the soul may go far way preparing the ground for severe and chronic illness – aka Cancer. Some people in modern day society give their soul completely away for excessive material gains and power. These are the psychopath personalities we see in politics, military and business, completely void of empathy. 

Are all aspects of soul recoverable?

Soul part recovery is an ancient art that needs to be practiced with utmost care as the dreamer or journeyer should not bring back lost soul parts by force or if these parts are so damaged that the person would not benefit from such a “recovery” of soul parts. Very often the Shamanic Practitioner needs to persuade lost soul parts to come back as they are being held by other entities, could be a former lover, a beloved family member, someone from our past life or an animal, tree or other plant. This then the skill that needs to be mastered to bring back those parts intact, and only those who voluntarily wish to integrate into the body of the person who suffered soul loss.

What is the first step when someone would like to experience more soul in their life?

You really need to do some serious emotional garbage cleanup, and you ask for professional help (not necessarily from a psychiatrist who only prescribes the “convenient pill to pop”). In my one-on one sessions or workshops I offer practical guidance for psychic cleansing and release. One of the most effective cleansing tools  is a very simple fire releasing exercise in which we cast out any heavy energies that are holding us back and clear a space for vital soul to come back in. It’s very important to remember that we have help available, including from our spiritual allies and our own Higher Self, and that it’s always a good idea to ask for help.

What role does addiction play in soul loss?

Addiction can be both a cause and an effect of soul loss. Part of our brighter energy may leave us if we fall into habits and company, aka toxic relationships, it doesn’t like. When we are missing a part of ourselves, things come in to fill the gap (can also be viruses, bacteria), and we reach for things to fill that gap.

What is the difference between spirit and soul?

We can’t lose spirit, when the term means mind, higher consciousness or our spark of the Source. But we can totally lose contact with it, and block our own access to the Higher Self. Soul is a different matter. Soul is quite mobile and sometimes even transient and soul energy is divisible; we can lose parts of it and take on parts from others that we really don’t want and that are non-beneficial for our life. They can actually mess up our lives considerably and people don’t know that they have picked up on such parts or energies – often happens with either close encounters of an unpleasant nature or when participating in events with large crowds, e.g. rock concerts – great source for negative energy intake as people bring all their discordant energy into such places and stay together for several hours.

What are the key elements of “soul recovery”?

There is a core technique called Active Dreaming to bring more of soul back into the body and help to become whole again. By learning to use a dream as a portal through which we travel — in called lucid dreaming —  means going into a deeper space (often referred to as upper or lower world in Shamanic terms), we can go to the places where lost souls can be found and reclaimed. This process should however never be attempted alone without any knowledge of the realms as people may otherwise pick up “stuff” that they don’t want. Once a person has mastered the art of journeying they know exactly where to go and how to do this in a totally safe way.

Are there other ways, in addition to working with our dreams, to experience soul recovery?

Soul (part) retrieval , as opposed to soul recovery is a shamanic operation in which the practitioner makes a journey on behalf of a client to locate lost aspects of soul, brings them back, and transfers them to the client’s body, often by blowing them into energy centers such as the heart and the crown of the head. It can be a profoundly healing event. It reaches parts that Western psychology does not reach, and may be essential in cases where people are missing so much of themselves that they are not equipped to become self-healers until an intervention has taken place.

Dreams not only show us what the soul wants, they also show us where it has gone.  

Our dreams can tell us which parts of ourselves may be missing, and when it is time to bring them back into the physical body. Recurring dreams in which we go back to a scene from our earlier lives may indicate that a part of us has remained there and would like to be picked up and reintegrated. Dreams in which we perceive a younger self as a separate individual may be nudging us to recognize and recover a part of ourselves we lost at that age. Sometimes we do not know who that beautiful child is – until we take a closer look… It is advisable to start and keep a dream journal to track those lost soul parts. Once re-integrated people very often see great shifts happening in their lives.

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  1. Valentina


    I am so happy that we met, beacuse I have never came across this before and it is so vital! Knowledge is power and after the shamanic session we had I feel I have more ability to connect and feel energies and I have become much more aware of everything. I did not realise dreams have such an impact and will pay more attention to them!

    • mm



      Yes, it’s comforting to meet like-minded people. Otherwise we lose hope… Let’s continue to explore things and how we can make the world a hopefully better place. I am very happy to have a being full of light – such as you – as a friend!

  2. Alexey


    Thank you very much for your Crashcours of the basic of Shamanizm. I wish more people will be aware about it, so they will be more responcible with decisions, behaviours. At same time Shamanizm is a the oldest traditional medicine/healing we used til the era of non traditional medicine took over in last 200 years.
    Now it is time to go back to nature and miracles by joint effort of healers like Christine!

    • mm



      Dear Alexey,
      Thank you for your comment. Glad you like the summary about soul essence and what it does to human beings. I wished we could teach this to children in school as they have a natural tendancy to easily connect to spirit beings. Shamanism is in deed man’s oldest healing science based on nature observation. It’s great to know and see that family’s like yours are awake and open to higher truths of human existence!

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