Lack of willpower leads to abdication of self-responsibility

In many health and cancer forums I frequently come across these “Has Anyone Heard of xyz Cure” postings. What seems like a logic thing to do – ask others for their experience or help is actually in many cases counterproductive.  Asking for such help has become a widespread habit in social media which I would call “abdication of self-responsibility”.

Many people will not agree on this but let me elaborate on it a bit more.

When we face what it really is, we may actually realize it’s a lack of personal willpower to do one’s own proper research. And when I use the word research I mean research in depth, not just visiting a couple of websites and reading a few articles on whatever cure there is for cancer or other chronic illnesses. Qualified research includes the need to not only train oneself enough to evaluate the information on the cures, but also to do a check on the source of information the author is drawing from.

One bit of information leads to another and deeper down the rabbit hole.

Individuals posting “who knows anything about xyz cures type of questions” very often are not trusting their own discernment abilities as they rather look for reconfirmation from others. Sometimes this is due to low self-esteem. People consider their research capabilities not up to par to really uncover the proper information from truthful and trustworthy resources versus the mainstream misleading paradigm: scientism versus real science.

Scientism is mostly big corporation sponsored research that only shows what suits the “sponsor” and not the individual. A classic example is Chemotherapy – which is in fact based on mustard gas and has no beneficial qualities whatsoever. 

Based on personal observation I see that all this “Has Anyone Heard of xyz Cure” quite often leads to high levels of confusion and outright arguments in such online-groups. It also calls a lot of “wanna-be” half-baked health consultants, Pharma trolls, as well as individuals who are severely struggling on their healing journeys to the plate to discuss matters. The blind try to lead the deaf. Such forums and discussion boards tend to spread more dis-information than what they actually clear and are helpful for.

Predominantly on Facebook such forums are plentiful and often just an amalgamation of directionless discussions about “hear-say” information. Few and far are genuine people who truthfully speak – in an informed way – about their own successful healing process and encourage others to start their own digging into the vast pool of knowledge to be able to make proper health decisions based on solid information and carefully evaluated knowledge.

Challenge with self-directed research: This requires substantial time investment and the unbending will to educate oneself to a high level of how health can be restored in natural ways.

Posting questions about all sorts of cures into such health forums shows high levels of insecurity about one’s own path and is quite often accompanied by the unwillingness to either go to the level of depth oneself to get the necessary self-education or find oneself a proper health coach.

Again, it takes discernment to evaluate a good coach from a mediocre one who is either giving you the mainstream answers to health, and/or does not have the necessary background training to see how mental, deep soul issues and physical health depend on and influence each other.

In today’s high-pressured technocratic world people are so disconnected from their bodies, hearts and true selves that they either cannot trust any information or go to the other extreme, trust and try every bit of information in the hope it will cure them. Very often such strategies lead towards making fatal mistakes and taking non-beneficial health decisions. Often people try all sorts of cures but do it inconsistently and then wonder why their dis-ease doesn’t go away.

The secret is simply they are missing out on the master key ingredient!

What is the master key ingredient?

Any dis-ease forms on a metaphysical level first and then manifests in the body. Therefore, in addition to whatever cure people decide for, the most important element is to “dissolve” feeding the root cause of the dis-ease. This can be done through digging deep enough into the soul and psyche to find the real “hook” (hint: the hook has always something to do with extremely suppressed emotions and feelings of unworthiness, abandonment, rejection, worthlessness and not being good enough instilled by others). The root cause is in 99.9% of all cases the same – unresolved emotional issues with our caretakers from childhood.

Despite the fact that we live in times of instant gratification edutrained into the masses through advertising and TV, when it comes to healing, there is no shortcut to restoring lasting health. It is absolutely necessary to look at and clear our Inner Child wounds and our relationship with our parents – whether they are dead or alive doesn’t matter as the clearing will not be done through “talking to the parents/caretakers”.

There is a process for clearing childhood wounds that everybody can either do on their own, or with a dedicated coach. Once this important work has been done one can move on to clear ancestral carry over energies that are blocking. This kind of work usually requires a trained healer or coach of high integrity to guide you along the path and make sure you are not bringing back energies that are blocking you even further.

During my own cancer ordeal I have done all of the above: from extreme amounts of research about nutrition, alternative cures, supplements and clearing all the emotional garbage from childhood to moving into ancestral clearing. Learning the art of Shamanism has helped me a great deal along this path. In order to become independent I truly recommend to find an energy healing modality that you like, learn it in depth and practice it every day in addition to clearing deep seated childhood wounds!

To date I have not found anything more profound as a healing modality than the Art of Shamanic Dreaming to get relevant information for the healing process. The Shamanic wisdom toolkit has quite a variety of highly potent techniques, one of them is called “Extraction”. This is a means to take out unwanted energies and negative blocks that have accumulated over time. Such extraction procedures are immensely effective to disable and remove energies that are binding and blocking from healing and moving on in life.

Yet, the most profound technique of them all is the art of retrieving lost soul parts and re-integrate them into the body. Only a fully intact soul can make sound life affirming decisions!

People with highly fragmented soul essence very often do not heal completely from chronic dis-ease or even if they do, they fear that dis-ease will come back (and often it does because the fears are being replayed on a subconscious and often conscious level).

In today’s world of fear mongering global politics and economics, people are used to running self-sabotaging programs and discouraging thought patterns. Often individuals are not aware of their fears and programs, or simply downplay them, not doing themselves much of favor because knowledge about what such energetic patterns do to the body and mind is missing or very vague. High levels of physical and emotional destruction ensue from unresolved energetic patterns.

It takes utmost courage and resolve to allow oneself to find such programs on a personal quest without any external guidance. It is more advisable to engage in learning for example Shamanic arts yourself, or if Shamanism is not your calling, hire a Shamanic practitioner of impeccable integrity with his/her moral compass fully intact.

Not every Shaman or Shamanic practitioner can automatically or by virtue of claiming such a title be considered ethical and of moral high grounds. To find the right one is to listen to one’s own gut feeling and not be driven by panic and fear how to overcome one’s illness.

Being afraid of digging deep into one’s issues is absolutely counterproductive for healing and will only prolong the suffering! This is simply natural law and there is no shortcut to it. Always know that the worst thing that can happen to any human being is total loss of soul. Without soul we become disoriented, insecure and an easy victim for mind control through media and other non-benevolent forces. Without soul or suffering from massive soul essence loss, we have also lost or abdicated our intuition to guide us through the difficult times we are in and complete healing becomes an almost impossible goal to achieve.


So start digging NOW!

If you feel no connection to your soul, most likely you have lost substantial parts of it already. There is no modern medical cure (Pharma pill) that can cure soul loss. Modern medicine does not even believe in soul loss. Only individuals who have trained in the art of retrieving lost soul parts can reconnect them properly.

If you cannot find or trust anyone for this process, learn the art of Shamanic healing for yourself. It opens up new octaves of healing potential and inner guidance to overcome fear and confront what needs to be dealt with.

I can truly and wholeheartedly vouch for that statement as I have gone through all of the above and found the art of Shamanic wisdom tools and guidance to be the greatest gift of my entire life!


If you like to get more insight read about my cancer journey

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  1. Lynn Fassler


    I commnend your article establishing the connection between metaphysical and psychological issues and disease You could. consider the inoact if environmental toxins and genetic inheritance. These factors can have a real inpact.

    • mm



      Dear Lynn,
      thank you for your comment. It is all part of a huge amalgamation of facts comprising nutrition, Wifi (read about the 5G Grid and how dangerous it is), environmental pollution, GMO, willful air/water pollution, transhumanism, etc. But again everything boils down to self-responsibility. Still too many people do not dare to stop serving the “system” which is governed by greedy and evil corporations. So again everything starts with ourselves. Once we allow to become aware of the “games” they are playing with us on planet earth we can learn about the solutions and antidotes to stop all this madness! If people do not accept truth about what is being planned for humanity they will also not accept the remedies to cure cancerous political, economic and societal systems! Without each one getting involved nothing will get better…

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