The following article is based on hundreds of hours of personal research as well as going through cancer myself (colon cancer stage IV) and recovering from it within a few months, contrary to what all conventional doctors I dealt with have predicted for me.

What I write about in this article will most likely challenge your belief system to the max. But try to read this information with an open mind, a mindset of allowing POSSIBILITY. For those of you, who have very preconceived ideas of what cancer is, and how it should be treated, you may want to stop reading here, as my attitude and experience with cancer is completely different from anything propagated in mainstream and I advocate for natural cures only. Yet, I do not stop anyone from going down the conventional road of fearful ignorance.

So what brings me to the topic of why so many people do not heal from cancer neither through conventional “therapies” (radiation and chemo) nor through alternative ways (many therapies are listed in my book “Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision!”)? Well, it is as simple as it is complex at the same time. The root cause of cancer is always forming on the metaphysical level (which is of course totally ignored by oncology and standard cancer “care”). Once the body has become totally acidic in mind and on a physical level cancer cells start growing and multiplying. Cancer cells are not going into Apoptosis (programmed cell death like healthy cells who keep renewing the body) and therefore pose a threat to the living organism if not stopped.

Why is Cancer so rampant in our society? It is actually quite obvious. Many of us live a life full speed against our own nature, means living with and accepting false compromises, for example staying in a dissatisfying job or business situation, dealing with debt worries, unresolved conflicts, losses, grudges, hurt, guilt, remorse, constant distraction and most of all, staying in toxic relationships whether personal or job/business. On top many disregard the fact that our water, air, food and mind is constantly poisoned 24/7 by corporate media and harmful products. It is small wonder that the Pharma industry is joyfully looking forward to increased revenues from future cancer patients. Fast food places are mushrooming all over the globe and many people take their small children there as they don’t want or don’t know how to cook. So the small kids already get poisoned with incredibly unhealthy material (I cannot even call this food as it has zero nourishing ingredients).

When people get diagnosed with cancer, the almost immediate reaction and belief is “this is a death sentence”. This notion has been instilled into people over decades by conventional pharmacology which completely disregards and excludes any emotional triggers for cancer. The cancer industry is thriving decade over decade because they managed to separate people from feelings and trusting their inner guidance. The herd mentality instilled over and over is to rather worship drug based treatments as the only solution by discrediting all alternative therapies as quackery.

Everybody who is stepping out of the matrix confinement of “informed consent”, meaning everybody who is diagnosed with cancer will automatically consent to the toxic treatments prescribed by oncologists, without protest, and without being given any alternative solutions, let alone information what is actually available to heal cancer naturally, is met with harsh criticism, often by cancer patients themselves. Many people bath in fear (false evidence appearing real) and their consciousness is completely shut down so they cannot think. This is where the cancer industry wants us. I dared to disagree openly and it saved my life and spared me long-term negative side effects from harsh treatments.

The nowadays rampantly prevailing attitude is “oh, I have a problem, I need an immediate solution”. Of course, there are many service providers who will “assist” you with this by quickly offering you what is eventually destroying your health completely as it is diametrically opposed to what is natural, healthy and what the body-mind-spirit connection requires.

People have been purposely programmed over decades by modern media corporations to unlearn, disregard and even discard their intuition, disconnect from their feelings and body sensations (unless they become screamingly painful and cannot be ignored any longer) and only listen to what big corporations, the institutions and government representatives they lobby, propose as important, healthy (most often it’s exactly the opposite) and “must have” to fit in and be an unconscious “sheeple”. Many Oncologists feel offended if the patient is either informed or even rejects standard treatments and wants to go natural. This in turn scares many people and they give in instead of following their gut feelings.

People have become so ignorant towards spiritual guidance that they blindly follow authority, often a road to perdition. Those who venture out and want to “try” alternative ways very often fail and make the situation even worse for them because they dabble a bit in this and a bit in that, not knowing that an alternative approach to cancer needs a strict and balanced protocol that the cancer patient has to meticulously and religiously follow over a period of minimum 6-12 months. People try to change their nutrition (but are inconsistent and fall back into old habits) or jump into a spiritual practice and give up because they are not disciplined enough to do it every day or get bored with it if it doesn’t show immediate results, or try some alternative therapies that are legally available, and if they don’t get quick results then people think it doesn’t work, give up and jump onto the next band wagon, hoping to find the miracle cure. Such behavior is counter intuitive and produces detrimental results!

One thing the medical industry gets right about cancer is that it needs a consistent approach. This approach includes diet/organic nutrition, detox (body and mind), emotional-spiritual aspects, eliminating stress and terminating toxic relationships and most important of all – finding the ROOT CAUSE of the dis-ease! This is where 95% of all cancer patients fail and don’t dive deep enough into it because of deep rooted fear based ignorance and expectation of more emotional pain if they look at their old wounds and shadow aspects.

This is a field where increasingly Cancer Coaches (especially those who have been through the experience themselves and came out of it successfully) are now appearing on the scene. If they have a holistic approach, they can really make a difference in the healing process. Yet, not many people value or consider hiring a coach to help them on their journey. They rather rely on conventional doctors giving them the synthetic drug response without taking any responsibility themselves and do not know that chemo causes additional cancers. Oncologists are protected by law they do not have to tell you this!!

Also see

(See article below from American Cancer Association Website detailing that chemo causes additional cancer!) 

If cancer patients want or dare to do it on their own then they have no choice but to educate themselves spending hundreds of hours on research for alternative cures. What makes it even more challenging is,  if they do not know about kinesiology testing which treatment options and supplements to take, then they drown in the maze of information and most likely make the wrong decision and then blame alternative cures as stupid, deadly, ineffective and whatever else. The huge mistake is simply not being consistent with what people are doing and making the wrong choices out of helplessness and not seeking help with experienced advisers.

Healing cancer naturally is actually not such an elusive goal, if you follow a proper guideline and strict protocol, which needs to be tailored to each patient individually.

A Proper Cancer Journey Roadmap comprises of

Step #1 – STOP THE PANIC  
Accept what is and analyze the status quo of your situation. What is cancer stopping you from? Start asking questions and get out of Victim mode!

Develop an action plan for body – mind – spirit. True healing happens on soul level. Where is your soul right now? How can you reconnect to your feelings? Why do you hate yourself so much that you attracted cancer. This is all about self-responsibility. Cancer does not hit you without a history of wrong attitudes, fatally wrong decisions in life, victim thinking, poor diet and ongoing stress.


Devise a healthy nutrition plan and use of high potent supplements and superfoods.
Detox from heavy metals and avoid any processed foods and sugar altogether.


Learn exercises for heart and soul. Develop YOUR COMPELLING VISION for a Via Nova (new life) path.

Step #5 – MAKE IT REAL

Implement a concise protocol of proper nutrition, immune system boosting supplements, superfoods, combination of alternative therapies (there are more than 400++ therapies available), get rid of toxic relationships, adopt a spiritual practice that is appealing to you and most important work on your relationships with yourself (which means do “shadow work”) and work towards becoming authentic, stop living with false compromises, terminate everything that doesn’t resonate with you anymore and most of all find LOGOS, i.e. meaning in your life.

For those who want to educate themselves I recommend the following material:

1) Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision – describes my journey, experience, how I devised my own cancer protocol and what made my recovery successful in a short period of a few months.

2) Watch the entire series of Truth about Cancer (Ty Bollinger) – Quest for The Cures and Global Quest for the Cures.

3) Watch Dr. John Bergman’s presentations on Youtube:

The Cure for 97% of Diseases
How to Heal from Cancer & Prevention

If you do 1-3 which means a time investment of approx. 70 hours+ you have a profound idea about how the body works, what is cancer, what alternative cures and natural ways will help to boost the immune system and what spiritual practices you may use to complement your protocol.

Being a natural cures Health Advocate is a tough job. We live in dire times when people shoot the messenger rather than looking at the message itself. If you bluntly point out the true state of affairs within the Cancer industry and how manipulative it is, you are considered “a science denier and health hazard propagator or worse”. Truth is avoided like the plague because acknowledging it would require to wake up, face one’s own shadows and work through them. Many people still think following the toxic drug path and circumventing doing their own inner work will restore their health. Even if chemo is temporarily successful, most likely within 5-7 years a new more aggressive cancer will emerge. So everybody with cancer deciding or being pushed over into going down the standard treatment road accepts a time bomb into their bodies. 

I can say with true insight Cancer was my best teacher ever, as it gave me the urgency to work through my deepest stuff. It was not pleasant, not easy, took a lot of time, money, effort, discipline, commitment, energy, facing really unpleasant truths about myself and acting upon it (acting is another step people tend to overlook). As people are so conditioned to avoid suffering by all means, many  do not want to invest in themselves – out of fear and a general global hopelessness which is currently taking a strong foothold. As soon as self-work becomes difficult people stop it and rather follow advisors who do not have their best interest at heart or jump to another therapy hoping to find the holy grail externally.

As the Pharma “experts” predict over the next 10 years cancer rates will go up exponentially. If people do not wake up and educate themselves on what the cancer industry is all about – money making from sick people – millions more will be killed through poisonous drugs because they falsely believe in the wrong doctrine and can’t see truth, aka nature has the best remedies, and subsequently clear up their emotional garbage. I did it and it worked in record speed because I was 1000% committed. That’s the real secret to healing cancer! The unbreakable will to live and do whatever it takes to come out of a desperate situation.

The 5 Pillars of Common Sense Cancer Healing are

Pillar #1 – Healthy Organic Nutrition, alternative natural therapies boosting immune system

Pillar #2 – Mental and Physical Detox

Pillar #3 – Terminate Toxic Relationships

Pillar #4 –  Adopt a Daily Spiritual Practice

Pillar #5 – Stick to your Protocol Religiously over 6-12 months min.

Calling individuals who refuse standard cancer care stupid and dangerous is the level of extreme fear based stupidity and ignorance we are dealing with nowadays.

I look at cancer as an eye-opener and it helped me to drastically alter my path in life and chose to look for LOGOS, meaning in life rather than fulfilling other people’s wishes. Everybody has the innate healing capacity if they can muster the courage and the discipline. It’s all about self-accountability and accepting self-responsibility. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Those who are abdicating these vital traits have to be content with the outcome of their choices! So chose wisely…

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