Old Paradigm Thinking Versus Being Part Of The New Story Of Interbeing

It’s truly time for humanity to move beyond a world of separate little egos fighting for their slice of the pie to a world based on our deep interconnection, and infused with grace, magic, and beauty.

What is the old paradigm thinking you may ask? Well, we have all been conditioned by our environment, first by our parents, older siblings, relatives, neighbours, later on by the school system and by the time we leave school all our creative abilities are no longer existent. We live in a matrix of systems stacked upon systems that have only one purpose to keep us in conformity to the rules others define for us. The “modern school system” tries to make all children even by imposing the same content on every child. The school system does not take into consideration that we are all different in talents, capabilities and what we would love to do in our live. The constant drill of small children leads them into being confused young adults whose only purpose is to serve the system. Taking jobs that again have been defined by others, serving systems without questioning the underlying paradigm. Jobs that are “created” by systems (corporations, institutions, government) rarely, if never, lead to spiritual and personal fulfillment.

What is interbeing? We are now approaching the Age of Reunion, the ecological age where earth actually matters to us and can no longer be polluted and ravaged. Interbeing is a world of collaboration, sharing and connecting. We must express our unique gifts and talents. We shall seek meaning and purpose in our lives rather than shallow consumerism. Modern day working models designed by soul-less big corporations and institutions will have to be reformatted as this model wears people out and causes lots of health issues. We can no longer afford to look at the world as being separate from each other. Everything is connected and we are connected to creation itself. How we express ourselves will shape the future of our personal life and life on planet Earth.

Advocating for a new school system that truly benefits all children by respecing everyone’s individual talents and needs versus the old school system where everybody has to learn the same useless information that doesn’t prepare for life, it only prepares for automated industrial jobs without any individual creativity. Follow orders. The new system should designed encouraging children to follow their heart and express their talents fully, so the world can become a better place!

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  1. Valentina


    This is so right! A lot of work needs to be done within the community of people who do care, I do see a positive shift now in terms of work. In the recent years people have become more flexible in their work hours and work place and I am yet to see people get paid by the output and results and not by the working hours!

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