Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life
and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung

Definition of Myopia:  Lack of discernment or longrange perspective in thinking or planning.

We live in times where TRUTH is not only shunned upon but considered negative and at the same time fear-based ignorance is celebrated as bliss! In these uncertain, crazy, and polarizing times we find ourselves more confused about world matters than ever before. If we do not want to go under completely, we need to turn the light of truth on us and those who pull not only the strings but also the veil of darkness over our eyes as to cover up for their mis-deads.

We are in the midst of a collective psychosis of  epic proportions and the interesting thing is – almost nobody wants to talk about it! People go about their daily business as if everything is just fine.

Philosopher John McMurtry, author of the brilliant book The Cancer Stage of Capitalism, refers to the “Great Sickness” that runs through our modern day capitalist system as having all of the sinister qualities of cancer. He points out that the diagnosis of cancer precisely resembles on a macro-analytical level the current world politics, which is to say that what is happening collectively in our world can be recognized to be a form of mental (and absent soul) cancer.

Recognizing the cancer is foremost an inner process that every individual has to go through (or not, if in denial) and subsequently take action which constitutes the outer process (if in awakening state). These states are not separate, but rather, are complementary and necessary aspects of a whole and actually emergency system response, which is urgently needed from the collective.

At this point in time we are moving towards the ultimate tipping point of either falling into EVIL (aka being conrolled and ruled by AI = Artificial Intelligence, machine taking over and enslaving humanity) or elevating ourselves to finally becoming conscious AWARENESS (that includes doing our homework, aka working through our own shadows and thus we will recognize the shadows that threaten humanity itself).

This is the sick idea of a new “human” race to be manufactured with the purpose of total MINDCONTROL!

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is backing a brain-computer interface venture called Neuralink, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company, which is still in the earliest stages of existence and has no public presence whatsoever, is centered on creating devices that can be implanted in the human brain, with the eventual purpose of helping human beings merge with software and keep pace with advancements in artificial intelligence. These enhancements could improve memory or allow for more direct interfacing with computing devices

… and implant devices that could make a consumer brain-computer interface a reality. 

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/27/15077864/elon-musk-neuralink-brain-computer-interface-ai-cyborgs

The carcinogenic entities of our societies continually degrade our social and natural life-support systems, depredating the productive life of societies at every level, creating ever-more wealth for the already unimaginably wealthy elites — a process that McMurtry describes as “incarnate evil.” The still unawakened general public is mostly oblivious to a frightening extent and completely unaware of the cancerous system, how fast it’s pushing on with its agenda and people think  and act as if everything is normal, simply buying into the illusion of law and order and colluding with its malignant growth and metastatic progression.

Those who point out the true nature of things are considered negative and people do not want to hear anything about it and prefer the sugar coated lies being served by mainstream media. This attitude of the masses leads us further onto the road to our perdition.

Yet, no matter how ugly truth can be, the key is raising our collective consciousness and wake up as to not giving in to system cancer, otherwise we would have to deal with the immune-system’s immanent failure due to our lack to recognize and respond to the factors of what is attacking the system from all angles. The ultimate problem is that the disorder has not even been recognized to the extent is has progressed and for what it is – a total CONTROL SYSTEM pumping in more carcinogenic substances to weaken the entire system on a global scale.

Official policies keep feeding the cancer, even while the system is in the process of bankrupting (i.e., killing) itself, of which the signs are increasingly pointing to – samples are the epidemic of autism in children, exponential cancer growth worldwide, failing financial systems only barely masquerading their inability to function, poisoning of soils with toxic herbicides and pesticides, the dumbing down of children in school with nonsense and useless indoctrinated information, and the list goes on and on and is endless. This is one reason why people go into massive denial as it is overwhelming having to admit in what epicenter of crisis we are all sitting and dreaming…like sheeple waiting to be brought to the slaughterhouse (aka being taken over by Artificial Intelligence eliminating human kind as we know it).

According to the prevailing logic of our current capitalist system, it is rational to maximize one’s private interests in money-value terms at the expense of everything else. The cancer always wants more, which is to say it becomes addicted to ever-increasing growth and never-ending consumption as an end means in itself. 

The fact that the immune system is compromised to the point that the disease isn’t even recognized is showing us that one of the fundamental arenas of the cancer’s operations is the human psyche.

Therefore, we urgently need to learn about “perception management” in order to wake up to what is happening on planet Earth. See a full eye-opening article on this here: The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity Malignant Egophrenia – by Paul Levy.


To the extent that we are disconnected and dis-associated from ourselves, we are incongruent in thinking and behavior thus feeding the system of cancer growth.

“There is a systemic psycho-spiritual disease that has infected the whole body {} of humanity. At present we are having an acute—and potentially deadly—inflammation of this illness. As with any disease, in order to cure the pathology that ails us we must come up with the right diagnosis. Under the present circumstances, it is a healthy response for us to have an appropriate level of alarm. If we aren’t “alarmed” at what is happening in our world, we are still sleeping.” – Paul Levy

Mass psychology has become the order of the day, as our species, animated and inspired by fear reverts to the primitive psychology of the herd. A collective amnesia ensues, continually fed by a self-generating web of endless denial, as the forced and artificially manufactured consent is recreated in ever repeating new cycles at every moment. A field of force which literally resists conscious reflection is held alive around those who have fallen under the seductive spell of the agreed upon fake consensus reality.

Anyone attempting to rock the boat by exposing uncomfortable truths such as what the entire cancer/pharma, agro and food industry are all about (poisoning humanity with deadly products for the sake of unlimited profits, just one reason, there are more…) is considered to be the enemy of establishment. Dissociating from their own darkness, such self-proclaimed elites fight back by censoring social media and calling alternative news portals “fake news”. Believing the agreed-upon fantasy of “everything is ok” (as long as you don’t take a closer look into what is really governing our world), people collectively fall into unconscious ignorance and reinforce each other’s delusions in a self-perpetuating feedback loop, which is basically the fact that humanity has  fallen into a collective psychosis and trance.

We need to access the natural intelligence inherent in being consciously aware, and connect with each other through the open-heart of honesty and speaking truth – even if it is uncomfortable. Our collective psychosis is invisible to us, manifesting itself both in the way we are looking at the world as well as the unspoken ways we have been conditioned—i.e., programmed—to not perceive.

TV program is called “program” because it programs the mind to perceive exactly what the ruling forces want human kind to believe and people feel a false sense of safety and choice. Having 30 different kinds/brands of coffee, milk, orange juice, etc. available is a completely misunderstood sense of choice and freedom. As at the same time as product choices increase on supermarket shelves, our real freedom of speech and movement is heavily censored, limited, supervised and controlled. There is hardly any city on the planet without massive camera surveillance all under the umbrella of fighting and preventing crime. Really?! So guess what the next step will be – end of free travel maybe, having to obtain permits from local government authorities if you want to travel abroad or even to the next city by plane, boat, train?

Once we clearly see what is being perpetrated in our name, we can come together and “conspire to co-inspire” so as to awaken – and mobilize – our collective genius. In actuality, our connecting in a shared economy is the antidote to all deceptions and AI taking over – we are called to transform our current reality of illusions into “Weapons of Mass Consciousness”. It is what becomes activated when enough of us come together and see behind the veils of deception and manipulation (i.e., become conscious of) what is happening.

We will be able to detect any mental, physical and material games being played with us with the power of consciousness infused with wisdom and compassion. Genuine compassion can move mountains. We must come together and say “No” to the evil being done in our name. We can step out of the fear-based consensus reality in which we appear to exist separately from each other and consciously connect with each other through opening our hearts and minds. When we are truly serving what is best for the whole – for everyone – a world-changing power becomes available to us.

Think about it: 1% rules 99% of the world population only because we agree to being ruled!

The solution to winning the war on consciousness is for us to RECOGNIZE the nature of the current war of deception and lies we are in, which can only happen through the uncovering of our buried consciousness. Realizing that the true war we are in is an assault on our own minds and hearts blocking the expansion of consciousness which is itself simultaneously the solution.

From a deeper, more expansive perspective, the war on consciousness is itself the very catalyst and instrument for consciousness to awaken to itself.

Decide now if you like to co-create your reality and live in freedom or if you want to wake up in AI (Artificial Intelligence) dominated cyborg machine world, where we are subdued to become a collective herd of mindless robots having no free will and no freedom.

Total abdication of self-responsibility has brought the world to this level of destruction and if we don’t put an end to it now – it may soon be too late…!

Choose NOW and ACT!

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