Belief Systems And How Thoughts Become Things…

Fear is paying for something in advance that may never happen! And Dis-ease is a belief system in itself. Don’t buy into it. You are not a slave of your DNA. You can think yourself sick or you can think yourself healthy. Thoughts can actually change protein production, which means you can produce cells that eliminate cancer from your body forever. Chose to think yourself well.

Some people are actually master of their emotions. They are negative all the time. – Tony Robbins

Start paying attention what you are filling your brain with. Watching the news is one example of constant negative feeding of your nervous system, as there is always some kind of disaster happening and you take it in by watching. Stop lying to yourself, and you get a breakthrough in limiting believes!

Stop listening to disharmonious popular music played on radio. Change your channel. Stop feeding yourself with negative self-talk such as “this isn’t possible, s/he doesn’t respect me, this dis-ease isn’t curable, this is killing me – well then… it might…

Before forming an opinion about something, ask yourself: “Do I really have all the information necessary to draw a healthy conclusion?” Start embracing the idea that a lot of the things you may think are cast in stone, are in fact not. They could be a misdiagnosis, false information, misinterpretation of data, or a limiting belief. Stop “owning” a diagnosis like “I have cancer” (accompanied by hopeless, depression, anxiety, disgust) that locks it in. Rather look at it as a passing experience in your life, helping you to upgrade to the next level of how to look at yourself and what is really happening in your life.

Start looking at these things, as if there is a higher meaning, a new or different purpose to be discovered or change of direction indicated for your life. What can you learn from this situation? What does it teach you? All illnesses are in fact growth experiences in disguise. Change your perception of the event, how does it feel then? In fact a perception change radically alters your nervous system! The key is to change your feelings. Change your emotions about an event that you perceived as traumatic or negative and you change everything.

Eliminate Scarcity Mindset: Write down a 100 things to do, be or become, e.g. I am earning USD 100K per month, I have my own TV show that airs worldwide, I travel the world…Make the statements bold. This is an exercise to program your unconscious to move from limitation to possibility. When you reach goal no. 50 (or earlier) you may run out of grand ideas,  then you got to be really creative, and this is when your true desires will come out … Once your list is complete then you rank them and only put down 5 that you can achieve in a given time. Put a number to it like 1,2,3 months, years when you aim to accomplish this goal. This reprograms your subconscious drastically and makes you aware that YOU can change your brain – this will change your outcome. Do this in handwriting and keep that list close to where you can see it every day! Positive thoughts combined with right action can change any outcome for good or even great. Thoughts can become things – it is true. Give it a try. Start your new live today!


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