The ancient wisdom tradition called Shamanism is a highly effective practice with enormous validity still – or probably more than ever – in today’s world. 

It is an ultimate tool for exploring the depth of who we are, knowing what life is really about – connection. Shamanic rituals quickly and effectively help remove unwanted discordant energies and blocks from our body and mind and guide us closer to spirit. Shamanism is in the truest sense all about direct experience and discovering meaning and truth in our earthly existence. As humanity’s oldest form of spirituality and tool of the sacred wisdom arts, shamanic tools offer a unique experience for creating change in our life. Whether we are seeking to awaken to a deeper connection to our own soul, release emotional trauma and disturbing feelings from the past and present, or discover fulfillment and purpose and direction, or simply find healing and guidance. This time tested ancient wisdom technology offers very down to earth practical tools to address our needs in a profound way.

Life is never the same after a Shamanic healing session…

What is a Shaman in a Nutshell?

A Shamanic Practitioner is one who can see and navigate the darkness and see through it to the light. A Shaman sees in dark times and thus assists in guiding people safely through perilous times.

Shamanism is a wide collection of ancient, time tested techniques, based on respecting nature, Mother Earth and all creation. It is a peaceful, deeply rooted compassionate worldview and provides techniques for holistic healing on energetic, soul and physical levels.


All Answers are Within…

Our current status of the world is desperate, and more and more people are hungry for the Old Wisdom of Mother Earth that our ancestors, who lived in tune with nature, understood. Modern day Shamanism is about practical and direct experience, understanding and connecting our bodies with the spirit – our spirit. 

This is the way to create lasting and holistic health. This vital connection has been completely lost in our hectic and increasingly automated day-to-day lives, and results in exponential growth of illnesses of the mind and the body. Allopathic (soul-less) medicine still drives people into often unnecessary and inefficient treatments that focus on treating the symptom, and not finding the root cause of the dis-ease. Without addressing the root cause, true healing is not possible. It remains a masking and suppression of symptoms.

Modern Shamanism, which is distilled from the old wisdom techniques, produces incredible results within a very short period of time. To understand such changes, the client is introduced to learn how to do the Shamanic Journeying, which is in fact “dreaming with a purpose” in order to find the trigger for the dis-ease. All answers are WITHIN.

More than 70,000 years ago, our ancient ancestors developed a profound system of methods for healing, personal empowerment, and problem-solving — known today as “Shamanism.” It is neither dogma nor religion, it is humankind’s oldest wisdom system for exploring the relationship between us and all of creation. Shamans operate in so called non-ordinary reality; the methodology involves accessing this reality through a drum guided process, called Shamanic Journey.

In the old times Shamans had to ensure the wellbeing and survival of the tribe. Nowadays we live in times of chaos, crisis, and often lost hope. To come out of this deadly spiral, Shamanism can be accessed as a reservoir of wisdom that is as relevant to our survival now as it was to our ancestors hundreds of generations ago.

Increasingly cancer patients are coming to the conclusion that many medical treatments are ineffective and often fail to restore health. In modern, drug-based medicine, “something” is missing, and that is LOVE and TRUE WISDOM, how to connect to those energetic spirit sources and forces that truly heal the body – mind and soul on deep levels. People who step out of the box into the Shamanic worlds have discovered that their healing process gets a kick-start and new optimism and faith in life is the result.

Shamanic Answer to Cancer

Cancer is a dis-ease of the mind and soul and a result of not letting go of the old, in combination with unfulfilled desires, and often accompanied by unhealthy dietary choices… The final piece of the puzzle in successful cancer treatment is to acknowledge, and fulfill one’s deepest desires, and find one’s true path in life. Once we discover and surrender to inner guidance, we will find, how rewarding it can be to stay on track towards a more enriched life. As long as we stay in low vibrational “ego-self-guidance and shadow compensation” habits, we keep falling down, and that creates a false reality for many people, ultimately leading to a dysfunctional life and illness of all sorts.

Following the Shamanic way, true transformation can be initiated, and does not have to be painful at all. Those who took this winding path, off the beaten track, understand the word “BLISS” and know how to maintain a positive state of mind – even in challenging situations, and thus keep illness at bay. Shamanic healing works with divination tools, extraction of intrusions, and recollection of lost soul parts to restore the souls original composition. These are no airy-fairy concepts. The energetic impact of such sessions can be felt immediately.

Shamanism is all about direct revelation and experience!

Shamanic tools provide all access information, we humans need to successfully manage our lives, there is no need to “technologize” our lives from brain to toe and lose complete identity of who we are.