The Rise Of The Phoenix – Death And Resurrection

I chose a Phoenix bird to be the logo and messenger for Via Nova Life.

What Does The Phoenix Stand For?

Divine Inspiration – Death and Resurrection – Transformation – Metamorphosis – Renewal

The Phoenix is an ancient and mythical bird that consciously consumes itself in flames to be reborn anew from its ashes. This is exactly what I have been through with my cancer experience. I burnt my old life, which didn’t work any longer, and dared to step into belief, trusting myself that going it “healthy” is the better way to deal with dis-ease.

The Phoenix symbolizes the resurrection, immortality and also mankind’s indestructible spirit. The Phoenix is a symbol of our creative transformation on all levels: physically – mentally – spiritually. The Phoenix myth is an ancient myth that describes the overall process that is encountered before, during and after a creative transformation or health crisis. It describes a profound transformation process. Each human has the option to either choose, but often, is to be forced into death at some point in time.

There  are several versions of the legend of the phoenix. They all seem to link the origins of the Phoenix to Egyptian mythology. It is seen as a mythical bird that lived in the Arabian Desert – interesting synchronicity, as I have been living in the desert for 14 years now. The Phoenix is said that when it saw death approaching or when it voluntarily choose so, it would consciously consume itself in flames to be reborn and rising new from its ashes, young and beautiful to live another – a more aware cycle of life.

The Nature Of Our Addictive Patterns

As infinitely creative human beings, we have much greater control over the right time and method of our transformation in any situation than what is currently believed and taught in mainstream. However, we can become so blocked that we either die or are forced into transformation. Addictive patterns and addictive behaviors are places where our consciousness and energy become so fixed, we no longer have the freedom and ability to create what we want/need, or choose to create. We are then governed by self-sabotaging patterns taking over in our lives, affecting everything and everybody we deal with. The creative power is then given away to the addictive pattern. The pattern of the addiction is, however, not as important as the origin and root of it.

The Big Question: What have we been trying to escape from that led us to the addictive patterns we have?

Many of us are stuck in a thinking addiction without even realizing it. Yet it is our thinking that keeps us from feeling and sensing when death, at whatever level, is approaching and needs to be faced. Recovery at any level will require transformation of our existing world as part of the transformation process. If we are not willing to recover and destroy the old, no transformation is possible. There has to be a choice and a willingness to change. Because of free will, we have to choose to recreate both, the inner and outer form in which we find ourselves. Depending on how we set the intention, we can have more options available to us than ever imagined. One of those options is the possibility of creating a gentle Phoenix for any situation we face and call onto him for help during times of crisis.

Moving From Fear To Love Is The Ultimate Goal

It is important to understand that the transformation is to move from our ego-self to our true self (soul-centered) which enables us to eventually move from fear to love. There are only two governing polarities in our lives: FEAR and LOVE. The Phoenix is a symbol of the transformation of human consciousness and our creative spirit that each of us must undergo to create the life we truly desire and live in harmony with our human nature. The method that is used is our choice, but the process is vital and inescapable, if we finally want to live in authenticity and live a life beyond fear (FEAR = false evidence appearing real).

The Phoenix Stands For:

  • the door way to our freedom as beings of unlimited potential to create the reality we choose
  • it provides a key understanding of the creative healing process, which means something old must be destroyed and transformed to make room for the new
  • there will always be a sacrifice of something (usually it’s something we do not want to let go, even if we realize that it’s harmful to hold on to it) 
  • the Phoenix shows us the light in our heart – he is a companion of fire, flame and light energy, he carries the fire of transformation
  • he helps to listen to our inner self and trust the inner birth process to unfold to reveal our true nature and inherent power as a means to become authentic
  • die and resurrect from our own ashes – say good bye to everything and everybody that no longer serves our essential purpose in life
  • we must not creep and crawl on the floor if we actually want to fly…
  • this is the time to unfold our creative powers and walk into a new era and time – with increasing intensity our lives depend upon listening to our inner voice calling us to burn the old version of us to let the new emerge
  • we need to muster the courage to face our shadow self which is home to all unwanted aspects of our beingness
  • in times of massive upheaval, it is vital to allow to open our hearts towards guidance
  • the Phoenix burns everything that is no longer YOU.

A Simple Way To Practise Gratitude And Count Your Blessings

Light a candle for each thing you are grateful for in your life – soon you will see how blessed you truly are – old resonances to people, places and activities that are no longer serving you are being deleted, once you dare to crawl out of the box of mainstream thinking and following the herd and step into your own truth. Take responsibility for all your actions and decisions.

Awakening Is Key

Our problem is that we are not sufficiently awake and aware to see that death is near, so we do not adequately prepare for what we need to face. But it needs to be understood, the death to which I refer, is not always a physical death. There are many deaths we face, at many different levels of our being, and many different times of our life. As long as we limit ourselves to only see us as human beings that are born, live their lives (often with a lot of suffering) and eventually die, we’ll miss the power of the Phoenix’ message. However, if we see ourselves as evolving conscious beings and begin to cultivate mindfulness, we will see that our awareness lifts us to higher realms of understanding the deep mysteries and miracles of life.

Change The Filter – Create New Experiences!

A filter is a mental process how we relate to information, events, persons, etc. and how much information we accept and how we label it and what we think is true or false. Filters keep us trapped in old ways of thinking and doing. Everybody filters his/her reality according to their upbringing, cultural background, hindering beliefs, negative or positive perceived experiences in life, etc. When we change the filter and allow a broader view, then we step into the creative  transformation process. We will see there are many levels and dimensions to this filter of which viewing creation through the interpretation of a human brain is only one such filter. If we observe carefully, we will see there is an infinite number of such filters. Yet, our awareness is capable of choosing any filter it desires if it is aware and awake to the existence of the filter.

In the end, the Phoenix myth is a description of the process of changing the filter we use to experience healing and transformation.

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