Preliminary Agenda for the Via Nova Life – Bali/Lombok Retreat in 2017

Wake Up – It’s Dreamtime!
Explore A New Path of Healing and Possibility…


Learn To Become Your Own Agent of Change!

In 2017 we are planning to host an all-senses health recovery retreat in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. If you are interested in joining the program, pls. send your contact details. The retreat will be hosted around September 2017. Exact timings TBA. 

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During this 5-day-revolutionary-journey with Christine, you’ll learn how to apply new ways of thinking that will change what appears in your life. Understand the Nature of Cancer and how living beyond fear, means living beyond cancer.

Join the Journey, if You like to

  • Get to know yourself deeply to make empowered decisions.
  • Learn to discern false dogmas from true information and start to live a life beyond fear.
  • What are the root problems and causes leading to cancer?
  • Tune into intuitive wisdom through the Art of Shamanic Dreaming.
  • Get educated on natural ways to overcome cancer.
  • Learn what you resist will persist.  
  • Embrace change in an empowering way.
  • Learn about the false beliefs governing modern society.
  • What healthy protocols are available to overcome cancer?
  • Create new solutions to problems you have in your life right now!

What Results Can You Expect From This Retreat?

  • Change your perception and approach important decisions in your life in a confident and healthier way.
  • Be able to make choices and decisions that are more meaningful and true for you by listening to your heart intelligence.
  • Look at the world and the people in your life in a different way – a way that is connected and cooperative instead of separated and competitive.
  • Tune in to self-healing that comes from merging your feeling and thinking.
  • BECOME FEARLESS and learn to navigate better in a world of disorientation and confusion by devising your own roadmap of inner guidance!

Discover The Difference Between Shadow Self, Ego-Self and True Self (Soul)

  • Explore Levels of Consciousness in a new way.
  • We are all one – what does that mean?
  • If you cannot love yourself first – nobody else will… 
  • Find out who’s talking: Ego, Shadow or Soul?
  • What is the difference between soul and ego and what are the impacts? 
  • Is it possible to cultivate a healthy relationship with my soul? 

Physical Illness – Learn About The “Focus-Achieve-Believe” Approach

  • Learn to transcend fears associated with dis-ease.
  • Enjoy the healing qualities of a guided Shamanic Healing Dream Journey.
  • Focus – Achieve – Believe: Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision!
  • Start journalling – this will be the most important book in your life.

Transformation – See Cancer As A Game Changer In Your Life

  • Look at “Cancer” as a teacher!
  • Move from a state of disorientation to a state of trust by learning to discern. 
  • See the big picture – what is really going on in your life…
  • What is Chemotherapy and what will happen in your body if you decide for this treatment – this will be an eye opener!

Logos Creation – Meaning Is The Foundation For A Healthy Life

  • How do I find my purpose in life?
  • Identify false compromises and learn how to terminate them?
  • Emotions and feelings govern our life. What is the difference?
  • Stop giving your power away!

Interested? Contact us for more information and register your interest! Experience a series of life altering AHA-moments… Join in! We look forward to seeing you.