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I have been living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the past  14 years. My health challenge and wake up call was Cancer.

After an odyssey of misdiagnoses, wrong medication and improper treatments, I was finally diagnosed with Colon Cancer stage 4 in June 2015. I had lost a lot of blood over the 5 months preceding my diagnosis and my blood tests got worse and worse each week. None of the doctors I was seeing for several months seemed to find it alarming enough to suspect cancer. After having met about 10 different doctors I was finally referred to a German doctor in Sharjah, UAE who took ample time (4 hours) to check me up and concluded just from the blood results that I showed him that I was extremely sick and would risk losing my life if the blood loss continues. As the pain was excruciating, I realized that going into a hospital cannot be prolonged any longer.

Eventually I checked into a Dubai hospital that was capable enough to come up with a proper diagnosis, which resulted into immediate surgery.  The surgery was massive, took 5 hours with 3 doctors operating on me, as complications came up. The tumor had almost completely closed and eaten through my colon (hence I didn’t eat much and lost a lot of weight – 25 kgs) and attached to other organs. In addition, I had an abscess in my right ovary which was about to burst. So either one would have killed me in the very foreseeable future.

After successful surgery in this Dubai hospital I was immediately introduced and recommended to have radiation and chemotherapy! I completely and utterly refused these toxic treatments, as it is well known that they cause secondary cancers and chemo has a success rate of a mere 2-3% over 5 years. Before I was diagnosed myself I had previously  done comprehensive research into alternative cancer treatments (call this divine guidance!) and decided that taking Chemo would be a bigger risk than going it natural.

From my personal research into cancer, I knew that Chemo is mostly a failure cure that heavily destroys the immune system, and has long-term negative health effects, and often leads to premature death.

Knowing this, I deliberately chose to develop my own “cancer protocol” (without the help of any medical professional), become my own health advocate and cured my cancer with natural remedies (high quality vegan nutrition, supplements, organic tea, nuts) and signed up for alternative cancer cures such as Ozone Therapy for 3 months.

That in combination with the high quality supplements, vegan diet, and practicing Shamanic healing and other spirit based techniques on myself, and making the necessary lifestyle changes, gave my health a boost, I myself did not expect.

Only 3 weeks after coming out of hospital everybody told me how well I was looking. And very important – I started to turn my life upside down and tossed out everything that didn’t resonate with me anymore and terminated ALL toxic relationships as a result, personal and business. There is a common sense approach to cancer that the cancer industry tries to ignore and downplay, which is the emotional and spiritual aspects that lead to cancer and that eliminating stressful factors is THE key to health in addition to detoxing and organic nutrition.

I firmly believe that Chemo does not cure! It only suppresses the symptoms. It kills healthy and cancer cells.

I was diagnosed cancer free in Sept. 2015 – only 4 months after I had surgery. My doctor was unfortunately not interested in how I did this miracle without any harsh toxic treatment. He actually said no matter what I would “try”, nothing would help me but Chemo, and if I continue refusing such “life saving” treatments, I would be dead soon. The more fear tactics he tried to use on me, the more this triggered my fierce will to recover in natural ways.  I did not believe what my oncologists told me and I am happy that I firmly stood my ground. Today I am healthy, happy and don’t suffer from any devastating long-term side effects from toxic treatments.

I believe that everybody has the capacity to beat cancer once people are truly informed about the many options that are available to restore the immune system. A healthy immune system takes care of sick cancer cells. So the first step is to restore your immune system and not have it destroyed with harsh treatments.

I consider it now my mission to tell people that they need to educate themselves first, before agreeing to any harsh treatments and preferably avoid them altogether. Having worked for a large pharmaceutical multinational for several years, I am well aware of the practices used to make people consent to synthetic and toxic drug use. I personally don’t believe that chemical substances can cure the body, only a drastic detox of  body and mind, combined with high quality natural GMO free nutrition and leading an inspired heart-centered life will.

It is sad to see that so many people still don’t know about all these alternative cures available to us because Big Pharma suppresses all that information to sell their often poisonous drugs. We ourselves can do a lot to improve our health circumstances drastically. Bottom line is, it’s all about self-responsibility. We must stop outsourcing our health to those who only have monetary interest in us and start being accountable for the life choices we make and if we make the wrong ones, we need to muster the courage to correct them. Then everything is possible!

Therefore, I believe “Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision!”

The Role of A Cancer Coach


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    This is key to every challenge in the cancer world. Yes we all need to be the first defense in solution there is a way and this testimony I believe is one of the proven approaches in making that happen. I congratulate Christine on this miracle in renewing her mind and making herself complete again.

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      Dear Michael, thank you for your kind words. Only after I started talking about new ways to combat cancer I realized how closed minded many people are, bathing in fear instilled by the Cancer Industry. The fear is so deep rooted that many people don’t even dare to look into new and different material and ways to combat cancer effectively. That I did not expect. I thought the world would be ready for new healthy ways but seems a lot of work still needs to be done. All I am saying to people is to at least get educated on what is actually available before making a potentially fatally wrong decision…I can only offer my knowledge which is based on going through all of this, the final decision everybody needs to take themselves. I know many people who chose chemo and it worked to some extent (but people do not know that chemo causes additional cancers over 5 years and falsely believe they came out of cancer) but I know even more people who were killed by it.

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    Would like to know what diet you followed without chemo. Because my hubby too having colon 4 th stage

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      Dear Anna, it’s not only about the diet. I did an entire protocol for myself which included diet, spiritual aspects, terminating toxic relationships and detox. Cancer is a process and cannot be described in a few words. If you like to understand my approach, get the book Victory over Cancer is a Decision. I describe the process and what I did in the book which is certainly different from what most people did. There are pillars and steps a cancer patient needs to take and the most important thing is to find the root cause of the dis-ease. If this part is ignored, no diet will ever do the trick. Here is the link: and here is table of contents

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