The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

If you attempt to heal cancer through alternative cures and natural remedies you nevertheless need a proper CANCER PROTOCOL!

Just doing a little bit of this and a bit of that will do you no good and can even cause more harm to an already compromised immune system. People in cancer forums need to understand that instead of wasting time posting questions like “Has anybody heard of xyz cure, remedy?” is in fact not very effective as you only elicit answers from mostly people who are in the same situation as you are or even worse from Pharma trolls (people who are paid by drug manufacturer to disseminate false information or promote synthetic drug cures) trying to lure you onto the toxic therapy road. In case you do not want to go down the poisonous Big Pharma Cancer road you have no choice but to educate yourself about how cancer can be cured by tapping into alternative non-pharma sponsored websites from people and organizations who truly have mankind’s betterment at heart. These people do exist despite all the mainstream slandering.

Refusing standard treatments or looking at alternative natural cures as a complementary treatment you need to know what you put into your body and mind. This can only be done through meticulous and consistent own research and learning to discern what is mainstream propaganda information and what is true cure.

Most people give up quite easily once they realize the scale and amount of conflicting information that is out there. Then they get lost or drown in the maze of information not knowing how to make a proper decision and which way to go for health recovery.

Also if you keep asking people who either don’t know anything about cancer cures or conventional oncologists who only promote the cut (surgery) – burn (radiation) – poison (chemo) standard treatments you will not get very far in sound decision making that will enhance your immune system rather than destroying it.

If you want to get a general idea about how to approach cancer it would be of great help to hire a holistic Cancer Coach specializing in helping you to find the best and most appropriate natural cures and therapies and pointing you towards honest health professionals.

A consistent common sense and healthy cancer protocol has the following pillars:

The Roadmap

Step #1 – STOP THE PANIC  
Accept what is and analyze the status quo of your situation. What is cancer stopping you from? Start asking questions and get out of Victim mode! Accept responsibility for your decisions.

Develop an action plan for body – mind – spirit. True healing happens on soul level. Where is your soul right now? How can you reconnect to your feelings? Why do you hate yourself so much that you attracted cancer. This is all about self-responsibility. Cancer does not hit you without a history of wrong attitudes, fatally wrong decisions in life, victim thinking, poor diet and ongoing stress.


Devise a healthy nutrition plan and use of high potent supplements and superfoods. 
Detox from heavy metals and avoid any processed foods and sugar altogether.


Learn exercises for heart and soul. Develop YOUR COMPELLING VISION for a Via Nova (new life) path.

Step #5 – MAKE IT REAL

Implement a concise protocol of proper nutrition, immune system boosting supplements, superfoods, combination of alternative therapies (there are more than 400++ therapies available), get rid of toxic relationships, adopt a spiritual practice that is appealing to you and most important work on your relationships with yourself (which means do “shadow work”) and work towards becoming authentic, stop living with false compromises, terminate everything that doesn’t resonate with you anymore and most of all find LOGOS, i.e. meaning in your life.

For those who want to educate themselves I recommend the following material:

1) Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision – describes my journey, experience, how I devised my own cancer protocol and what made my recovery successful in a short period of a few months.

2) Watch the entire series of Truth about Cancer (Ty Bollinger) – Quest for The Cures and Global Quest for the Cures. Some episodes are freely available on Youtube.

3) Watch Dr. John Bergman’s health presentations on Youtube:

The Cure for 97% of Diseases
How to Heal from Cancer & Prevention

You need a base guideline to follow during the journey. You can add or subtract certain things but the basic concept and the base pillars always need to be there and religiously followed if you want to have success in recovering your health.

A proper cancer protocol needs to be individually tailored and then followed strictly to achieve positive results – means a fully restored immune system that can take care of cancer cells by itself!

To manage and finally overcome cancer you need passion, persistence, mental clarity, discipline and PURPOSE!

  • The number one priority and task to heal cancer is: Find the root cause of your cancer and you will see a major shift in health!
  • YOU are the most important person in your life, don’t let yourself get bullied into therapies you don’t understand or know that they are toxic!
  • Understand that: Quitters never win – Winners never quit!
  • Remove stress – SLOW DOWN
  • Power boost immune system – Vitamin D – check your levels they are probably dangerously low!
  • Detox – bring your body into an alkaline state
  • Exercise reduces cancer risk by 50%
  • Breathe deeply – cancer cells don’t like Oxygen (look at Ozone therapy)
  • Breathe in sunlight (light is intelligence)
  • Vitamin K encourages cancer cell death
  • Sugar feeds cancer – why are they serving sugary food and drinks in oncology wards?
  • Epigenetics: Life circumstances affecting health much more than genetics
  • Find the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind = habit mind and work towards transforming them into empowering beliefs (change needs time, motivation, discipline)
  • Total health = find your passion = live life with a spirit of joy
  • Distance or quit all toxic relationships – personal – work – family
  • Continuous mental detox – offload old drama that holds you hostage (can be done with a spiritual life coach or through energetic clearing sessions)
  • Cancer can heal your life – it shows you what’s wrong in your life!
  • Take responsibility for your thoughts – actions and regain control over your life
  • Make the strongest commitment towards being ALIVE – set your PRIORITIES right!




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