A Via Nova Path Towards Health

If you like to follow and find out how I achieved a Via Nova Life path for myself, I encourage you to read my book “Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision”. I wrote this book for people who want to prevent and overcome cancer and get the big picture about what is happening in the medical and science industry. This book is all about becoming awake how the general public has been deceived, lied to and put under the constant negative spell and brainwashing of mainstream science sponsored by Big Pharma dollars. The book also touches on the emotional and spiritual dimension of cancer which conventional medicine completely overlooks and underestimates.

It is about time that people stop considering cancer a death warrant by default. Once you become literate of what cancer really is and how many highly effective natural cures and remedies are actually available, you will come to notice that fear of cancer is something we can all overcome – whether we are affected directly ourselves or are involved with family or friends who have cancer.

The “only” investment you need to make is – in yourself – by becoming literate about your body and health. When you browse the Internet you come across a lot of conflicting, contradicting and misleading information and especially defamation of people who prefer to cure cancer naturally and all the natural cures and immune system enhancing treatments – many of which Big Pharma has viciously lobbied into the status of being banned by law and no longer available to mankind. Examples of banned treatments is the use of the Sacred Plant of Cannabis or GCMAF. Both treatments have proven to achieve excellent results and that’s the very reason why they were made illegal.

The Pharmaceutical cartel has effectively taken over lawmaking when it comes to our health. These days governments have a tendency to give unilateral power to corrupt corporations (for example the vaccine producers cannot be officially sued in court for their defective and toxic products). Drug manufacturers who claim to have a drug or treatment for almost every (invented) ailment claim to know everything about your body and health – and what treatments you must do – often by force (such as the vaccine industry monopoly).

All you really need to know and truly understand is that the pharmaceutical industry is simply a multi-billion-$$$ business model that has amassed a fortune of trillions of dollars. Pharma is by far the largest economic power in history with its founding fathers the Rockefeller dynasty and the German IG-Farben industrial complex. All modern medicine is based on oil and making big profits for their stakeholders!

Therefore, you do not need to be surprised when they act like they do and avoid any serious public discussion about healthy (often very cheap) cures or natural remedies (Pharma cannot patent natural remedies – hence no interest in promoting such cures). Everybody who has done a bit of research on natural healing can easily verbally defend, defeat and outsmart any paid conventional doctor, most of who know next to nothing about nutrition or healing plants or how cancer really develops and how it can be stopped.

It’s All About Big Business with Dis-ease

It is no coincidence that Big Pharma is trying to keep the origin of cancer and many other dis-eases a mystery until today. And that is despite the fact that they supposedly keep pouring billions of research dollars allegedly into finding the “magic cancer cure”. This is a blunt lie – as the magic cure would put their big magic business model out of business in no time. They capitalize on the public’s “health illiteracy” and they foster this in every way possible – through indoctrination over TV, ads for pharma drugs, lobbying governements into favorable legislation that gives them a monopoly over health (or better call it death) and suppressing any and all information about alternative cures. Their only answer to cancer has been the same for decades: toxic immune system destroying Chemotherapy. Everything else has been categorically ruled out – why – follow the money…it always leads to the same players whose goal is profit and maintaining a sick public (they work hand in hand with Big Agro who poisons our food with herbizides, pestizides, GMO, toxic food additives and plastic components). There is simply no money to be made from healthy people.

Time to Wake Up and Liberate Humanity from Big Pharma Mental and Physical Indoctrination and Toxification

The insanity in public health management (and all other areas on this planet) has reached almost it’s irreversible peak. Humanity is at the crossroads of either eliminating itself as a species (do a research of transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence to see where we are heading!) or waking up to the ugly truth of the state of the matters and take matters into our own hands by taking responsibility for our bodies, mind and spiritual development. It is now time that we liberate the human body from its evil grasp of Big Pharma and eradicate health illiteracy whenever and wherever we can by spreading genuine information that everybody can research and double check.

During my own cancer journey I came across many different types of people from extremely closed mindedness to very open and receptive, who dealt with this dis-ease in many ways from being completely ignorant towards any form of alternative treatment, did not even want to look at it or read about it, to those who tried a combination of both – chemical and natural, and a few who were brave enough to take full responsibility and go it natural all the way. These are now the ones that thrive in life. Those who took the toxic road – some lost their life along the way – often still struggle with the aftermath and long-term health implications caused by cytotoxic drugs. Chemo-Brain is just one example (is like early stages of Alzheimers and people suffer from very short attention spans, which makes any form of learning very difficult, especially for children who undergo Chemo).

The Next Generation of Healthcare Model Could Look Like This

1) Acknowledge that there is an innate intelligence in the body and we are conscious beings not machines.

2) Health is the natural state of the body and all public healthcare models must strive to educate people on natural health not profit-drug-based models.

3) Modern medicine is an emergency medicine not the default model to go to as it is practiced now.

3) All therapies must be holistic in nature and in harmony with the functions of the body and consider the emotional and spiritual dimensions as well.

4) Vaccinations will stop, until long term independent research is completed.

5) The Medical Schools will no longer accept funding or research from the pharmaceutical industry and highly biased foundations like Rockefeller and co.

6) All healthcare research will be independent and unrestricted in nature.

7) The Pharmaceutical Industry will be financially and morally responsible for their products.

8) All Humans will be able to choose any health care procedures themselves.

9) There will be true health education in school which includes proper nutrition, knowledge about healing plants and natural remedies for illness.

10) No plant medicine, alternative cure will be demonized or withheld from the public anymore.

11) The mainstream media will no longer be allowed to be a 100% mouthpiece for Big Pharma.

12) Basic free plant and natural medicine based healthcare shall be available to everybody on planet earth. With trillions of $$$ amassed by Big Corporations this is an easy task to accomplish.

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