Dear Christine,

By chance we met in Bali in November 2016. I call this encounter a magic synchronicity. I am usually a person who doesn’t easily trust others, however, when I started talking to you, I immediately gave up resistance and was completely spell-bound (in record-speed) by your clarity, open-mindedness und how you see the world in large and small details. You have a special talent in your work to cut through to the root cause of a matter and you have the ability to present even the most challenging issues and difficult matters a person can be involved in, in a very sensitive, respectful and easy to understand way. I personally believe this is very positive…after all, why waste time beating around the bush. You took time and effort to look into the root causes of my daughters issues that they have been suffering from for years. You brought up and confirmed details and events that I had been noticing or suspecting. Your accuracy is truly incredible. Unfortunately I can only be in contact with you from afar, but that seems no impediment to your work, as you handle technical matters and personal consultation with utmost ease and in a very solution oriented fashion. I am eternally grateful for everything you have done for me and my family so far. From the bottom of my heart I wish you many successful coaching sessions and remain with love and gratitude
Ricarda Tomin, Family Manager, Switzerland

Christine is a very competent, trustworthy and easily approachable coach who clearly draws on life’s experiences to consistently produce remarkable shifts and changes in her clients. She has her own unique style of coaching that allows her clients to feel safe and comfortable during sessions, often adding humor in appropriate situations. Christine is completely committed to achieving the best results for her clients, be it empowering them or breaking down resistance. She will inspire you to make the changes you always wanted and enlighten you on how to keep the change! I would highly recommend her as a personal and business coach.
Sameena Khan, Teacher, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You seem to be a wealth of knowledge and experience. I encourage you to share your incredible story as guidance for others. Wishing you continued great health and well-being. All the best.
Mara Landis