Inhale The Presence – Exhale The Past!

Life Is Consciousness! Everything Is Alive.
Everything Has Consciousness And It Is This Consciousness
That Joins Us All Together.

Via Nova Life means New Way of Life. With the advent of 2017 we have entered the “ugly truth times”. Everything now comes to the surface in politics, economics and on a personal level. This is an invitation to get clear on your health, your finances and your relationships.

Keep your body, your mind and your relationships clean and you’ll be ready for anything! Truth always wins!


The “Secret” to a More Vital Life – Become Authentic!

  • Discover energy disruptors, e.g. caused by junk food diets, electromagnetic waves, radiation, fear, stress, living with false compromises, and many more.
  • Avoid repeating the same errors based on decision making that follows false paradigms and templates for life.
  • Free yourself from hindering belief systems.
  • Become knowledgeable of manipulative internal and external influencers! 
  • Wake up to how you are being played by external forces such as corporate media.
  • Learn how modern communication styles psychologically drive your decision making and what it takes to step out of such gullible mind-prison tactics used in our overly technology based world.

Feel Lost in Today’s Increasingly Fast Paced Technocratic World ?

Many people have a constant feeling they are lost and/or not feeling “themselves”. This correlates with the concept of “soul loss” discovered in the ancient healing tradition called Shamanism.

The art of Shamanic wisdom is the oldest healing science known to mankind. It dates back 70,000+ years.  According to this wisdom belief – over time – individuals suffer from soul portions loss (this is the Shamanic view on deep soul issues).

Loss or separations of all kinds often happened due to traumatic circumstances in our life and often started in childhood or even past lives. This causes all sorts of instabilities in people’s lives including severe illness.

To understand this concept of Shamanic art, please read my blog articles in Shamanism Section.

Modern Psychology tries to talk lost soul parts back, but that is a very lengthy and expensive process over years. Shamanic healing sessions on the other hand can clear deep seated issues often in a couple of sessions. The client gently experiences how life feels like to have deep blocks that have been hindering solved.


Become An Agent Of Personal Evolution. Change Your Own Game.

Stop Living Below Your True Potential!

Disorientation and being overwhelmed with often useless information is a common phenomenon. Many people have lost track of their life’s or work and business purpose, and therefore, lead a life, which is way below their true potential. 

Every human being, every system and every company has to have LOGOS (meaning) as their foundation.

All systems that are still based on old paradigm thinking will over time eventually face 2 choices: Having to TRANSFORM or DISAPPEAR!

Nobody is too big to fail…and nobody is too small to succeed…

Old paradigm means life based on competition and the feeling of separation.


Start Doing What You Desire!

We are not here by coincidence, each one of us has a task and a contribution to make, no matter how small or big it may be. We are much more valuable human beings if we do what we truly enjoy rather than engaging in meaningless job or work activities.


TRUST – It’s All About NOW…

What we do every moment changes everything in our life and on the planet for the better or worse…!

We all feel – to varying degrees – that globally the sense of trust in the old systems that we once thought would protect us, and make our lives better, is fading on a daily basis.

Yet human beings evolved as a trusting species. We want to trust. Distrust in self and others is a source of constant dis-harmony in our lives, often leading to dysfunctional life styles and illnesses of the mind and the body.

Sadly many people have stopped to really communicate with each other and prefer to spend more time with their technical devices who they ask for help.

Therefore, re-connecting to trust one’s own vibes and intuition has become an essential skill for surviving the matrix.


Let’s re-integrate self-responsibility back into our lives! 


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