Learn How To Address Cancer In Natural Ways!
Find Out What Big Pharma Does NOT Want YOU To KNOW...


ebook_cover_finalRecent statistics claim that 1 out of 3 people are predicted to get cancer at least once in their lifetime! The GOOD NEWS is that cancer can be PREVENTED and HEALED. The information I’m sharing with you saved my life. I guided myself towards inventing a VIA NOVA LIFE path (new way of life). Therefore, I present you with unconventional ways to look at cancer and what is causing cancer. 

Do you think cancer is a potential death sentence? The road to recovery is paved with pain, agony and huge medical bills? Far from having to be the truth for you, if you follow the advice offered in this book, which is based on my personal cancer journey.

Conventional Oncology does not tell you that there are so many ways in fact over 400++ alternative therapies and healthy protocols - how you can improve your situation when you get diagnosed with cancer. Literally a multitude of healthy therapies is only a few clicks away from you. Such thereapies are just not promoted in mainstream channels. Why? Simply because Cancer Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry based on profits and patentable drugs.

Luckily, more and more people are realizing that Chemo makes them more sick, as it is a complete immune system destroyer. Increasingly cancer patients are opting out of Chemo as the "one fits all cure" and DARE TO GO THE NATURAL WAY. I was one of them, and I am healthy and alive now because I REFUSED toxic treatments.

In this book I will demonstrate you HOW I DID it and how I changed my death sentence into a truly new way of life with joy and complete restored health.

Become a PERCEPTION CHANGER in the cancer matrix and step out of fear into BELIEVE. The definition of FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. You are more powerful than you think! Read about my non-ordinary strategies. You will see miracles happening if you follow the advise - GET EDUCATED FIRST - read eye opening information before you make a decision which treatment to follow! Victory over Cancer is an INFORMED Decision based on KNOWLEDGE what is available, and not blindly following the "limited choices" doctrine anylonger. Take ACTION NOW!


  • UNDERSTAND why "Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision!"
  • You will LEARN how you can "design" your own road to recovery.
  • You will be introduced to the ancient healing technique called SHAMANISM. How it is connected to NDE (near death experience and healing) and how Shamanic Tools along with a rigorous protocol combining healthy nutrition, high quality supplements and Ozone Therapy saved my life in just 4 months...

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In June 2015 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer stage IV. The tumor had already spread to other organs and lymphnodes. Doctors said without surgery I would have only a few more weeks to live. So I agreed to have tumor surgery, but REFUSED all conventional therapies such as Radiation and Chemotherapy afterwards! I dared to develop and design my own immune system enhancing cancer protocol (without the help of any medical professional). This way I beat cancer in purely healthy and natural ways and had full control over my life! NOW I invite you to read about my journey through a crippling dis-ease and back to LIFE in just 4 months!!! I have full medical records to back up everything I am claiming. It is my firm believe that I beat cancer so fast because I refused the orthodox oncology treatments. The information I collected on Cancer Cures and Alternative Treatments will hopefully serve as an inspiration for you in a world of impersonal modern healthcare management. The book is for you, if you already have cancer, if you are interested how to avoid it, or if you are assisting someone in your life who currently goes through cancer. The wisdom of healing a severe illness in just a couple of months is a gift and I will share it with you. May this book be a Beacon of Hope in a World of Confusion and Disorientation!

Christine Orth, Author of "Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision!", Transformational Coach, Intuitive Business Consultant and New Cancer Cures Advocate


You can avoid cancer and you can beat cancer - everything is in your hands! Take your life back and learn how to make the right therapy choices, decisions, and essential lifestyle changes. All of the information presented in this book is meant to help you reverse cancer through seeking natural, holistic, complementary and new approaches to healing. Learn about NEW Cancer Treatments in the information age. And become curious how man's oldest healing technology can make a difference in your life too. Many cures are in sight and already available, but till now they are suppressed because Big Pharma sees their profit margins threatened by natural cures. There are more than 400+ alternative protocols to treat cancer effectively. The book gives you a lot more information about what Big Pharma does not tell you and does not want you to believe. They are playing a game of confusion, fear, and disorientation. You can stop being victimized and start becoming a hero by accepting full responsibility for your decisions.


Cancer, looked upon from a metaperspective is an Illness of the Mind and Soul and expressed as a physical symptom that something is not right in your life. All cancer starts on an energetic level before it manifests physically in the body. A huge driver for illness are the negative implications of toxic relationships. You will see how incorporating a spiritual practice really makes a difference. Heal your mind and clear all the old garbage out of your life. Then you are on the road to recovery from even the worst diseases. Reading this book helps you to shift away from the prevailing doctrine in health care system, which is based on chemical and synthetic drugs as the only proven medication towards cancer management. You will see the difference between nourishing your body and mind versus a sick medical system "managing" your illness to generate profits and keeping the masses sick.


There are many ways you can support your own healing: "Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision!" gives you information about superfoods that stimulate your immune system. Read which energy healing methods I applied to heal myself from cancer, stage IV! You get guidance and an action plan steering you truthfully towards becoming a NEW HEALED YOU! Find out what is your next step towards healing. Be INSPIRED and EMPOWERED what you can do by and for yourself. Understand that persistence, passion and dedication towards a healthy natural cure will do you more good than any conventional treatment ever can and will. If you follow your inner guidance along with a healthy framework of actions that can stimulate cancer cell death you will see how powerful you are and you don't have to be dependent on the modern medical system only.


It is no longer a secret what factors are actually leading to cancer. "Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision!" lists what is causing cancer and is giving you valuable hints to dig deeper. Learn how important organic nutrition is in cancer treatment. Conventional oncology completely ignores the impact of nutrition on cell growth and cancerous cell death. Get information on what Big Pharma is doing to prevent your full recovery and how flawed their conventional approaches are. Learn to DISCERN what is really making a difference in reversing cancer. See through "how"  information is presented to you by orthodox oncologists - not guiding you towards profoundly healthy protocols. Ever wondered WHY? Discover what is your  own TRUTH and what is fear based manipulation. Broaden your horizon that what you have been told about cancer in mainstream media and conventional oncology is stone age information. This book gives you a lot of "Food for Thought". Knowledge is POWER, HEALTH and FREEDOM.


The Cancer Industry wants you to believe that cancer is random, you are a victim and that there is nothing YOU can do yourself but just follow their advice and show up regularly for Chemo and Radiation treatments. But that is not TRUEYour choices matter and what you chose as therapy will make the difference between LIFE or DEATH! This book will show you that you have a wide choice of healthy non-toxic options! The only thing it requires is COURAGEcommitment and taking responsibility for your life. It is a widely known fact that cancer develops over longer periods of time. Therefore, you do have time to reflect upon which treatment you want to chose. Don't let yourself be bullied quickly into toxic treatments! SHIFT your perception to POSSIBILITY. My book also shows you how limiting believes can stop you in your tracks and cause you to make fatally wrong decisions. When you seek for help, look at all the options available for your own good!


Many cancer resources now openly discuss the strong connection between healing cancer by adding a spiritual practice to your protocol. I add another dimension: SHAMANISM - it's mankind's most ancient healing methodology, cultivated by indigenious peoples around the world. Following the path of Shamanism is an exciting life long journey and a completely new way of life. My personal life has taken on a whole new dimension and I eventually overturned fear into TRUST myself fully. Shamanism can show you what people call NDE insights (NDE = Near Death Experience) in a completely peaceful and non-traumatic way. What people describe in their NDE experiences is very similar to the experience of a Shamanic Dream Journey to other spiritual realms where you can have exactly that kind of experience and you come back with the knowledge how to heal yourself and what may be the root cause of your disease. Find out how Shamanism influenced the course of my cancer and my entire life.

The biggest killer on the planet is a weapon of mass destruction called IGNORANCE usually accompanied by fear. Don't adopt the herd mentality and do what "everybody" is doing who is diagnosed with cancer. You can heal from the inside out and ERADICATE cancer if you have the RIGHT INFORMATION. Keep TRUSTING that your body wants to heal! I strongly believe there is a future for non-toxic cancer reversing therapies. We just need to be brave enough to stand up for our choice to recover in a healthy way. This is the kind of information Big Pharma does not want you to know, let alone follow. Step out of FEAR into LIFE NOW!

Conventional oncology works on the principle of INFORMED CONSENT that all cancer patients automatically will concede to having the standard toxic treatments - Radiation and Chemo. This false and fatal paradigm is based on pushing expensive chemical drugs and discrediting natural healing cures. This is still the mainstream money driven model. It is time we challenge that old and often deadly paradigm by stepping out of the box and getting educated through trustworthy alternative resources. If your soul has guided you to this website you already have a feeling there is a better way to heal...

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