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Artificial Intelligence – Transhumanism

What is Transhumanism?

I’s the intentional merging of man with machine. It’s the movement to augment or enhance humanity by melding synthetic, machine-like parts to the human body. It is driven to make man more precise, logical, analytic and knowledgeable – by making man more robotic. Transhumanism is a highly dangerous movement that reminds of a little kid playing with fire. We have no idea where this is going to take us, yet we race blindly on, believing that if we can, we must. That’s the maxim of misguided science: if we can do it, we will do it, no matter what. Many authors, film directors, artists and visionaries have foreseen and warned about the danger of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that becomes self-aware and decides who will live and subsequently who will not. So we need to ask ourselves: will transhumanism really make humanity better? Read the full article here

The Synthetic Agenda: The Distorted Heart of the New World Order
By Makia Freeman
In the synthetic agenda, everything in our world is being threatened with replacement by an inferior version or fake replica of itself – which sells itself as superior so as to increase the acceptance and assimilation of it. Transhumanism is The Ultimate Aim of the Synthetic Agenda… Read full article The Synthetic Agenda The Distorted Heart of the New World Order

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Transhumanism are the Dead End of Humanity as We KNOW it…
y Christine Orth
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