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Via Nova Life Newsletter_April 2017

Cancer Questionnaire

BEFORE you schedule any radiation or agree to chemo therapy to treat your cancer, here are some very important questions you need to ask your doctor. Asking these questions is meant to empower you to take control of your health and have a clear understanding of the cancer treatment being offered.


New Client Questionnaire

If you like to become my client for a coaching session or package, kindly download the New Client_Questionnaire and give me some background information about yourself.


The following information is from the research of Dr. John Yiamouyiannis. Dr. Yiamouyiannis has spent years researching the health effects of fluoride toxicity. He founded the Safe Water Foundation, which regularly reports research documenting the harmful effects of fluoride. Fluoride is a cumulative poison that damages the immune system, poisons over 100 enzymes, makes minerals such as calcium and magnesium precipitate and become unavailable, causes premature aging, causes hypothyroidism, increases risk to cancer and bone pathologies such as osteoporosis, and causes seizures in susceptible people. Read this report for more insight on Fluoride: Fluoride – A Modern Toxic Waste Product

Exploring the heart in human performance. New research shows the human heart is much more than an efficient pump that sustains life. Our research suggests the heart also is an access point to a source of wisdom and intelligence that we can call upon to live our lives with more balance, greater creativity and enhanced intuitive capacities. All of these are important for increasing personal effectiveness, improving health and relationships and achieving greater fulfillment. Download for free the entire book from the Heart-Math Institute here: