Who are you? Christine Orth_Via Nova Life_Profile 2017

I am a German native by birth and have been living and operating my own consulting business in the Middle East for 13+ years. In 2015 I was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage IV. I refused conventional toxic therapies such as chemo and radiation and instead devised my own cancer protocol which proved to be successful – I became cancer free after 4 months after tumor surgery. Surgery in my case was the last resort because the tumor had already obstructed the entire lower colon and attached to other organs (bladder) and lymphnodes were affected as well. In my case surgery was life saving in deed, in other cases surgery can mean the opposite. It is a challenging and difficult path to manoeuvre to make the right decision. You either come out of it as a hero or you end up making a series of wrong decisions that you may regret the rest of your life or worse…

What is your background?

For a detailed description of what I have done in my life so far you can refer to the section Meet the Creator behind Via Nova Life – Christine Orth.

What are your services?

I help and coach people to make informed decisions when it comes to beating cancer or when they are faced with other life challenging situations, whether in their personal or professional/business life. For specific topics I help people with, pls. refer to the sections Introduction to Via Nova Life and Embark on a Vision Quest!

Why do you combine coaching “healthy people” and cancer?

I don’t believe in separating things of life and putting a label on everything. Life is multi-dimensional and – as per status quo and predicted developments – experts say, that 1 in 3 persons will get cancer in their life at some stage. Therefore, I look at prevention foremost and assist with information and coaching tools to help people make informed decisions and overcome their challenges in a productive and health enhancing way. Many people these days are suffering from total confusion and disorientation in their life, these are strong factors that can lead to cancer eventually, if not dealt with. Therefore, I offer my knowledge and coaching tools to benefit people, whether they have cancer or want to prevent it or even don’t know that they are already on the road towards manifesting illness. Preferably people should start looking into their “baggage” of issues before they manifest as illnesses in the physical body. There is a lot of very relevant information out there that is not being spread and communicated in the mainstream media. 

How did you learn about all these new cancer cures?

Way before I was diagnosed with cancer, I started to do research on alternative cures (call this divine guidance) – so at the time when I got cancer I was at least well-prepared and armed with unconventional wisdom and knowledge. A vital resource of information is the documentary series “The Truth about Cancer and the Global Quest” by Ty Bollinger. I have researched information exclusively through alternative media channels, symposiums and conferences around mental and physical health. I have read dozens and dozens of articles, books, researched the web thoroughly, on the topic of explaining and promoting new paradigms of non-toxic cancer cures. Up to know I invested several hundred hours of research over many years. All of what I am claiming, promoting, or recommending I have tested on myself. Whatever I am saying about my cancer journey, I can back up with medical records. I alert people that there is no “one-fits-all” approach when it comes to healing, so each individual needs to address their issues and decide whether to go conventional or dare to stand up against mainstream Big Pharma driven oncology. I did and I would do it again. Not a shred of a doubt about that decision! Yet, I understand everybody is different and many people need encouragement to step out of the box of conventional thinking and belief of limited possibilities.

What type of cancer did you have and when were you diagnosed?

I had colon cancer. Diagnosed June 2015. Stage: IV T4 Adenocarcinoma, Diagnosed cancer free in October 2015.

Why did you decide NOT to do chemotherapy?

My whole life I believed that chemotherapy is toxic poison (and whoever I saw doing chemo never looked happy, healthy or satisfied with this so called “science-based” cure). According to my understanding of nature, human beings cannot get truly healed through the injection and administering of chemical drugs that are known to destroy the immune system. Chemo and radiation cause additional and new cancers and make cancer stem cells resistant and more aggressive. Chemo drains first water from the tumor and subsequently from the body. Chemo can also cause permanent damage to the brain, nerves, hearing, heart, liver, kidneys, bladder, and more. Toxic pharmacology based treatments have a so called “success rate” that is completely blown out of proportion and the long-term damages of such treatments are never communicated. That’s the short answer… There’s a much longer and detailed quest looking at cancer from different angles: nutrition – detox – relationships – adding a spiritual practise. All of which you will find in my book “Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision!”

In a 2015 study of stage II colon cancer patients, it was stated that those patients who were treated with chemo not only had a much worse quality of life, but were on average nearly three times more likely to have either the original cancer come back or a new form of cancer emerge. The patients were twice as likely to die within two years of their diagnosis than those who did not have chemo. I was diagnosed with stage IV, so I was in an even worse situation than those patients reviewed in the study. Back then and today more than ever, I am convinced that I made the right decision to refuse such harsh treatments. I believe chemo would have killed me.

I have received a cancer diagnosis, what to do now, what are my next steps?

The first step is DO NOT PANIC and don’t go into victim mode. Because this is exactly where orthodox oncology wants you to be! I strongly recommend you, as an immediate step, start to detox the body (and the mind) and to radically change your diet to vegetarian/or even vegan and stay completely sugar free (cancer cells feed on sugar). Do this immediately. Don’t let yourself be bullied to rush into conventional therapies. Chemo, radiation and some surgeries can have detrimental irreversible consequences. The conventional oncological protocols (if they don’t kill you during the first or second round) can make your situation better in the short term (however, during the treatment you suffer terribly and your life is on hold!) In the long term the consequences can be dire. Irreversible chemo-brain is just one long-term effect. Chemo-brain is similar to early onset of Alzheimers. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself first and then make an informed decision.

What is my benefit in becoming your coaching client?

I commit to truthful information and willfull positive intention and rather let a coaching client walk away if I realize I cannot help this person. I am here to educate on new ways to look at cancer and assist people into digging into their story and uncovering what is no longer working in their lives. In the day and age of modern medicine that is only treating and suppressing symptoms, I teach people ways to go deep inside to find the root cause of their issue. Very often once you find the hook, the dis-ease is disapprearing in a relatively short period of time (conventional medicine calls this “unexpected spontaneous remission”, which is a misleading label and actually insulting to the patient who worked hard to come out of his/her stuff). Those who wish to work with me, will find out that I predominantly think “outside the box” of conventional mainframes (which saved my life). This is what gives me a distinct edge and produces in the end positive results. I am not holding back anything – whatever knowledge I have, I am willing to share during the coaching sessions. The coachee then decides what to do with this knowledge and information. I do not prevent anybody from using conventional therapies if they wish to do so.