You are willing to open up to intuitive and spiritual insights that can create the highest possible outcome for your health, personal and business goals?

Christine’s Via Nova Life programs are for YOU if: 1 x 8 x 3

(A) You’re on a mission to discover your life’s purpose.

(B) You want to come out of an existing illness and look for assistance to design a profoundly healthy mental and physical life style.

(C) You are stuck and look for new inspiration/direction and guidance on your personal / business life.

(D) You want to quit your job and become a successful Game Changer and New Entrepreneur.

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Go Forward With Courage – Celebrate Life!

Do you know this longing for REAL and authentic life – a life of beauty, strength, filled with energy? Do you realize this voice inside of you that keeps reminding you to step into harmony and balance with yourself and others – this burning desire to finally arrive in YOUR life… The Good News is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Christine Orth considers herself a Perception Changing Agent and works as a Holistic Life Management Coach and Wellbeing Advisor