Are We Approaching Ground Zero of Humanity?

Reflections on the Increase of Vitriolic Language in Social Media and Daily Life.

I do agree and understand that everybody prefers to hear only positive stuff and stay away from the negative. Yet, this is the whole point of this article!

Few know that Humanity is living under Black Law which is in opposition to Natural Law (do no harm!).  See video links what Natural Law is below.

We cannot achieve positive things if we continue to ignore the dark side of our existence and why it is so dark…

Hint: We have something to do with it…the majority of us doesn’t know what Natural Law is…and this is where all misunderstandings of humanity begin…

“Haters don’t hate you.
The reality is they fear that they will never be able to
get to where you are now…”

For everybody who wants to up-level their understanding about the impact of our

Humanity Now Most Surveilled Populace in World History!

Thanks to Google, Amazon and Facebook, we, as the human race on planet earth, now have the distinction of being the most surveilled populace in all of history. Every tyrant from ages past spins with electro-static envy.

For all those in the trance state that believe modern technology and social mass media is just to keep in touch may be in for a rough wake up call. All you need to do is a research who actually funded, and now controls all the tech giants we so lavishly trust with our personal data. Once you do this little research you find that all these fantastic organizations that are being portrayed to us as the best thing since sliced bread are all in bed with US “deep state” organisations.

The Zuckerbergs and Pages are nothing more than puppets on the front to make us believe that these giant tech monopolies are

What is Enlightenment?

It’s actually NOT what you think or been told what it is.

For those who actively seek it, life is indeed a path to knowledge. Pause for a moment to ask yourself the question: What is light? Light is illumination, it is the ability to “see”, therefore it is information. It is knowledge. The light has given you knowledge of the reality you exist within. Thus to be “enlightened” is to have knowledge about the circumstances of your personal life, the world as a whole and how things are related to each other.

The reason many fail on the path to enlightenment is due to their unwillingness to consider, or look at, certain uncomfortable information due to their inabilities in the processing of such information. To the point our world and humanity have been pushed to now, which is standing on the brink of either waking up to the ugly

The Current Myopic Worldview and How It Can Be Changed

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life
and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung

Definition of Myopia:  Lack of discernment or longrange perspective in thinking or planning.

We live in times where TRUTH is not only shunned upon but considered negative and at the same time fear-based ignorance is celebrated as bliss! In these uncertain, crazy, and polarizing times we find ourselves more confused about world matters than ever before. If we do not want to go under completely, we need to turn the light of truth on us and those who pull not only the strings but also the veil of darkness over our eyes as to cover up for their mis-deads.

We are in the midst of a collective psychosis of  epic proportions and the interesting thing is – almost nobody wants to talk about it! People go about their daily

Hyperinflation Of The Free Give-Away Industry

“Sign up for my Newsletter and get this free E-Book, Article, etc.” Every day we are bombarded with advertising riding high on the something for “Free” marketing wave. Products and giveaways for free, automated services, such as video tutorials, for free. By now everybody has been accustomed to having and expecting everything to be free, not realizing that this is just a revolving door, where the marketer is coming through the backdoor and asking for your personal data and money. What is annoying about this pandemic form of advertising is that it creates a lot of noise, aka information overflow, which throws people either off track or into constant distraction losing focus of what is important in life = real connection with real people!

A result of this type of advertising is the following phenomenon:

  • shortened attention span (on average people cannot carry a meaningful conversation anymore as they

The New Story of Interbeing

Old Paradigm Thinking Versus Being Part Of The New Story Of Interbeing

It’s truly time for humanity to move beyond a world of separate little egos fighting for their slice of the pie to a world based on our deep interconnection, and infused with grace, magic, and beauty.

What is the old paradigm thinking you may ask? Well, we have all been conditioned by our environment, first by our parents, older siblings, relatives, neighbours, later on by the school system and by the time we leave school all our creative abilities are no longer existent. We live in a matrix of systems stacked upon systems that have only one purpose to keep us in conformity to the rules others define for us. The “modern school system” tries to make all children even by imposing the same content on every child. The school system does not take into consideration that we

Call to Action

Call To Action!

We are now paving the way to enter a stage of birthing into a Via Nova Path of living in PEACE and PERSONAL CHOICE. This is going to happen even if the things around us and news from mainstream channels are trying hard to convince us that we are still living in an age of fear. Despite the fact that current world affairs seem to be going in the opposite direction, new game changers are rising and we as human kind are waking up (though not all of us yet…)!

The future is ours when we take back responsibility for all our thoughts and actions. Change starts within ourselves. In order to survive as a human race, the next economy will have to be based on the principles of collaboration, sharing and manufacturing of products, and design of services according to a “need and necessity” principle.