The Shamanic Antidote to Major Health Crisis and Abdication of Self-responsibility

Lack of willpower leads to abdication of self-responsibility

In many health and cancer forums I frequently come across these “Has Anyone Heard of xyz Cure” postings. What seems like a logic thing to do – ask others for their experience or help is actually in many cases counterproductive.  Asking for such help has become a widespread habit in social media which I would call “abdication of self-responsibility”.

Many people will not agree on this but let me elaborate on it a bit more.

When we face what it really is, we may actually realize it’s a lack of personal willpower to do one’s own proper research. And when I use the word research I mean research in depth, not just visiting a couple of websites and reading a few articles on whatever cure there is for cancer or other chronic illnesses. Qualified research includes the need to not only

The Incredible Healing Power of a Sacred Plant – Cannabis

To date most laws around the world prohibit the cultivation and use of Cannabis for cancer treatment. It is brainwashed into peoples’ perception that Cannabis is a recreational drug and therefore dangerous. Although USA is slowly allowing its medicinal use in certain states, it is still largely an outlawed plant purposely given a bad reputation. Nobody has ever died from the use of this plant. Whereas millions of people are dying from prescription drugs manufactured by Pharma industry. The bad reputation of Cannabis is completely unfounded and has no merits whatsoever. Cannabis is a plant which is closest to the human endocrine system and has phenomenal healing powers. If you have cancer take a look at the links listed below. Cannabis is largely outlawed due to heavy lobbying of the multi-trillion-$-Big Pharma industry trying to protect their profits still using toxic drugs called Chemotherapy. Chemo has a max. 3% success

10 Ways Hospital Visits Can Go Deadly Wrong…

Modern science and Western medicine are great for emergency cases and can certainly save your life in acute situations such as an accident or food poisoning. Thousands of doctors and surgeons save lives every day in hospitals and emergency care facilities. Without hospitals, many life-threatening situations would have much worse odds of survival, especially if you are getting broken bones mended, deep wounds sewn up, any form of emergency surgery for internal bleeding, tumors, etc. Yet, there are a number of dangers lingering that many people are unaware of that can cost your health and ultimately your life in increasing number of cases.

Here are the top 10 ways you can easily die in a hospital, other than from what you checked in to get treated for.

#1. Staph infections and superbugs (MRSA)
Bacterial staphylococcus (staph) infections from a deadly superbug called MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) are on

Imagine A World Without Cancer

A Via Nova Path Towards Health

If you like to follow and find out how I achieved a Via Nova Life path for myself, I encourage you to read my book “Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision”. I wrote this book for people who want to prevent and overcome cancer and get the big picture about what is happening in the medical and science industry. This book is all about becoming awake how the general public has been deceived, lied to and put under the constant negative spell and brainwashing of mainstream science sponsored by Big Pharma dollars. The book also touches on the emotional and spiritual dimension of cancer which conventional medicine completely overlooks and underestimates.

It is about time that people stop considering cancer a death warrant by default. Once you become literate of what cancer really is and how many highly effective natural cures and remedies

In a Nutshell: How to Develop a Consistent Cancer Protocol

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

If you attempt to heal cancer through alternative cures and natural remedies you nevertheless need a proper CANCER PROTOCOL!

Just doing a little bit of this and a bit of that will do you no good and can even cause more harm to an already compromised immune system. People in cancer forums need to understand that instead of wasting time posting questions like “Has anybody heard of xyz cure, remedy?” is in fact not very effective as you only elicit answers from mostly people who are in the same situation as you are or even worse from Pharma trolls (people who are paid by drug manufacturer to disseminate false information or promote synthetic drug cures) trying to lure you onto the toxic therapy road. In case you do not want to go down the poisonous Big Pharma

The Current Myopic Worldview and How It Can Be Changed

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life
and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung

Definition of Myopia:  Lack of discernment or longrange perspective in thinking or planning.

We live in times where TRUTH is not only shunned upon but considered negative and at the same time fear-based ignorance is celebrated as bliss! In these uncertain, crazy, and polarizing times we find ourselves more confused about world matters than ever before. If we do not want to go under completely, we need to turn the light of truth on us and those who pull not only the strings but also the veil of darkness over our eyes as to cover up for their mis-deads.

We are in the midst of a collective psychosis of  epic proportions and the interesting thing is – almost nobody wants to talk about it! People go about their daily

The Real Reasons Why Many People Do Not Heal From Cancer

The following article is based on hundreds of hours of personal research as well as going through cancer myself (colon cancer stage IV) and recovering from it within a few months, contrary to what all conventional doctors I dealt with have predicted for me.

What I write about in this article will most likely challenge your belief system to the max. But try to read this information with an open mind, a mindset of allowing POSSIBILITY. For those of you, who have very preconceived ideas of what cancer is, and how it should be treated, you may want to stop reading here, as my attitude and experience with cancer is completely different from anything propagated in mainstream and I advocate for natural cures only. Yet, I do not stop anyone from going down the conventional road of fearful ignorance.

So what brings me to the topic of why so

My Cancer Success Story


More Information: Christine Orth 

I have been living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the past  14 years. My health challenge and wake up call was Cancer.

After an odyssey of misdiagnoses, wrong medication and improper treatments, I was finally diagnosed with Colon Cancer stage 4 in June 2015. I had lost a lot of blood over the 5 months preceding my diagnosis and my blood tests got worse and worse each week. None of the doctors I was seeing for several months seemed to find it alarming enough to suspect cancer. After having met about 10 different doctors I was finally referred to a German doctor in Sharjah, UAE who took ample time (4 hours) to check me up and concluded just from the blood results that I showed him that I was extremely sick and would risk

Silymarin – A Powerful Cancer Prevention Plant Extract

This information is an extract from Dr. Blaylock Wellness Report, Vol. 14, No.2

Milk thistle is the common name of a plant known scientifically as Silybum marianum. This plant contains seven major compounds, the best understood of which are called silybin A, silybin B, isosilybin A, and isosilybin B.

What you need to know about Silymarin:

  • stops cell signals to kill cancer cells
  • prevents the creation of new blood vessels that feed tumor growth
  • studies show it controls primary brain tumors (glioblastomas), skin cancers (incl. melanomas), leukemia and oral cancer.

Silymarin apparently suppresses the cell-signaling pathways that are critical to cancer initiation, proliferation (growth), invasion and spread (metastasis).

By suppressing virtually every signal the cancer cell needs for its growth, silymarin as well as other natural substances with similar properties make far more powerful anticancer compounds than toxic Chemotherapy.

Silymarin is extracted from the seed shell of the milk

Cancer – Incorporate A Spiritual Practice

Incorporate A Spiritual Practice – It’s Not As Difficult, Boring Or New Age As It Seems

You may ask how can a spiritual practice help in cancer care? Cancer itself provokes a severe spiritual crisis in the affected person. You ask “Why me? What have I done to deserve this? Why now? What does this mean? Will I survive? What to do now?” All your worst demons are starring you directly in the face while you struggle with your own mortality as you face a new reality. As patients search to find new meaning in their lives and relationships, spirituality offers profound help and a true basis for recovery.  

The spiritual wake-up call comes in many forms. The most commonly understood is the experience of loss, severe crisis and other forms of personal tragedy. This call is always immobilizing at first but once you start walking on the path that