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We are now paving the way to enter a stage of birthing into a Via Nova Path of living in PEACE and PERSONAL CHOICE. This is going to happen even if the things around us and news from mainstream channels are trying hard to convince us that we are still living in an age of fear. Despite the fact that current world affairs seem to be going in the opposite direction, new game changers are rising and we as human kind are waking up (though not all of us yet…)!

The future is ours when we take back responsibility for all our thoughts and actions. Change starts within ourselves. In order to survive as a human race, the next economy will have to be based on the principles of collaboration, sharing and manufacturing of products, and design of services according to a “need and necessity” principle. Squandering of precious resources kills our planet and us. We need do accept that we are all ONE. Our true form of life is “Connection not Separation!”. This is referred to as “interbeing”.

What is Interbeing?

As we are now approaching the Age of Reunion, the ecological age, where earth actually matters to us, and can no longer be polluted and ravaged. We all seek a world of connecting with each other on a deeper level – not only as Facebook “Friends”. We must express our unique gifts and talents. We shall seek meaning and purpose in our lives rather than shallow consumerism. Modern day working models for big corporations and institutions will have to be reformatted as they cause burnout and dis-ease. We can no longer afford to look at the world as being separate from each other. Everything is connected and we are connected to creation itself. How we express ourselves will shape the future of our personal life and life on planet Earth.

The future belongs to those who understand that only a paradigm shift towards “mindful creation” using the planet’s gifts and resources in a respectful way will allow Mother Earth to re-create.

The age of exploitation and pollution of planet Earth and subsequently putting all human life into unhealthy conditions will have to come to an end. And we can make it happen, when we collaborate with each other, and work from the basis of our heart – creating FREEDOM and PEACE for every living being. Then we can express ourselves personally and professionally in a humane way.

Thransformation is our true and only task right now! The next challenge therefore is to evolve from Homo Technicus in the over-ladden information and entert(r)ainment age to Homo Human Being… away from being just a “Human Doing”. Once we collectively learn to be grateful and appreciate the beauty of the planet and live our lives with respect and love for fellow human beings, we will see massive shifts.

We all share the same planet! Planet Earth does not need us – we need planet Earth! See this wonderful YouTube Video: 

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    I hope to see a greater shift to the natural (not the natural ‘marketing’) but the actual shift towards appreciating our planet, what it has to offer and that it has a soul too, it is actually living!

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