christine-2016How I Work – Balance First Then Work On The Change

I have a distinct and highly intuitive sense for what will work and what doesn’t. I trust the creative process unfolding and guiding me to get the best results for my clients. Once committed to a mission or cause I exert great persistance and my insights stem from thinking “outside-the-box” and tuning into awareness of what is actually happening on a deeper level. Together with my client I envision the entire process from start to the desired outcome. Yet the success lies with the level of commitment of the coachee.

My Strength Can Be Your Strength!

I help find viable solutions to seemingly overwhelming problems from drawing on my inner wisdom and knowledge of life having been through very tough situations in my personal life (cancer) and my business and learnt that every challenge is in fact a blessing in disguise. Problems can only be solved from a higher perspective than from where they were initially created. I chose not to get lost in small or irrelevant details or mainstream thinking. I do encourage my coaching clients to look at their situation from a higher perspective – a meta perspective and detach from fearful holding on to projected results. It is my passion to help human beings to “connect the dots” and transform challenges into success stories.

What Is Your Gain In The Process? 

I do apply professional diligence, a high level of intuition, persistence and continually working towards positive outcomes coupled with a diversified database on alternative medicine, business knowledge and skills drawing from 25+ years in international business. I have worked with many different nationalities, faiths and cultures. Initially you only have to invest time and willingness to open up to new possibilities. Your gain is a surprisingly different view on how to tackle issues in life based on my research on cancer, my own story with a deadly dis-ease and my passion for learning spiritual techniques and uncompromising pursuit for truthful and valid information.

You Can Profit From Eye-opening And Meticulous Research On:

  • metaphysical concepts
  • alternative medicine and new cancer therapies and
  • extensively training in consciousness exploring and
  • effective mind shifting methodologies

All of my knowledge I am putting in front of you to enable you to step into a position of making informed decisions for the next steps in your life! All you have to do is – test it. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain…

What I Don’t Do

I will not stop you should you decide to go for conventional treatments such as chemo or radiation. I will give you the information you are willing to accept and digest. The decision which road to follow is then yours. 

What’s In It For You?

It is my intention to help you transform your challenges using the best knowledge and wisdom available. I give you the tools and the information, the final decision which way to go is YOURS.


It goes without saying that all information obtained during the course of a consultation will be treated as strictly confidential.

Your Next Step 

If you are interested in a personal consultation, please contact me and give a brief overview of your issue and what kind of help you are looking for. For an initial assessment the first 15 minutes are free

The Following Options Are Available 

  • 1/1 consultation via telephone 
  • via skype (name: dubaibiz) 
  • join a workshop or retreat (in preparation)
  • meet in person (I am travelling a lot, so you may find me in Dubai, UAE, Europe or Asia)
  • buy the book “Victory over Cancer is a Decision!” to get an idea how you can deal with cancer in natural ways.

General Policy

Coaching Fees need to be paid before the session starts. Methods of payment: cash, wire transfer, PayPal/Credit Card. For any scheduled appointment that is cancelled less than 24 hours ahead, the fee is non-refundable, in special cases a new appointment can be arranged if there are vacancies.

Coaching Fees

1 hour consultation   USD 100

2 hour consultation   USD 180

Package of 10 hours  USD 900 

Longer term coaching assistance: pls. ask for a quote based on your needs.

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