Reflections on the Increase of Vitriolic Language in Social Media and Daily Life.

I do agree and understand that everybody prefers to hear only positive stuff and stay away from the negative. Yet, this is the whole point of this article!

Few know that Humanity is living under Black Law which is in opposition to Natural Law (do no harm!).  See video links what Natural Law is below.

We cannot achieve positive things if we continue to ignore the dark side of our existence and why it is so dark…

Hint: We have something to do with it…the majority of us doesn’t know what Natural Law is…and this is where all misunderstandings of humanity begin…

“Haters don’t hate you.
The reality is they fear that they will never be able to
get to where you are now…”

For everybody who wants to up-level their understanding about the impact of our words, deeds, actions and thoughts, I strongly recommend to watch this video about one of the greatest non-corporate sponsored – real – scientists the world has ever seen – Nikola Tesla. This man has found the profound connection between science and spirituality and what our existence is about. Tesla studied Natural Law in-depth and discovered how free Energy, which is abundantly available in the universe works.

Why am I writing this article?

It’s all about becoming aware of what and how we do things, how we affect our reality with what we put out there…verbally, in thought – and in action!

I admit I have never been a great fan of social media platforms and only got into the club a year ago to see if my “objections and reservations” are substantiated. Well, as of recently, I know why I have been hesitant. For a long time I avoided getting into such “means of instant communication” with the entire world…

Despite a number of weird experiences I had on social media, I’d still like to believe that many (hopefully the majority of) people on this planet generally operate from a place of honesty and integrity, except for a currently increasing minority who has a distinct passion for nasty penchants for retribution, revenge, sanctimonious arrogance, self-righteousness, misjudgment, mischaracterization and hyperbole.

Life is a rhythm that must be comprehended.
-Nikola Tesla


Verbal aggression by “wounded ego-self”.
Is it now becoming the accepted “norm” to express oneself using any means of nastiness?

The last few days on various forms of social media were quite interesting – actually in a negative sense.

I have encountered some of the most appalling onslaught of personal verbal aggression. During my observation of such deplorable human behavior, I noticed though, the topic itself seems irrelevant to the hate speechers (I think I may just have invented the term “hate speechers”.). All they want is to “express themselves” – inappropriately.

I do admit that I lashed out and back on a few of the individuals who were extremely abusive. Yet, I did not use equally evil language. I rather phrased my “vitriol” as sarcasm. Now I have resolved that I will not respond to nasty comments on social media anymore. It’s a waste of time and effort as such people’s hearts and minds are closed for any “social” interaction that I prefer to be based on common sense and respect.

Before I got on social media I never knew that there are so many individuals engaging in slander language of the lowest sorts of the gutter, not realizing one bit what they do while they are on their personal rampage of destructive self-righteousness.

It appears that quite a number of highly estranged “beings” feel the urge, need and constant drive to belittle, downgrade and destroy what someone else posts, speaks or writes about if it shakes their “model of the world”.

Apparently, such unpleasant members of modern society have never spent any quality time with themselves to get to know “thyself”, which values – if any – they follow and what triggers their aggressiveness. Such persons’ weak points delude them into making incredibly nasty, personally insulting, or just arrogant and irrelevant comments.

Self-absorbed vitriolic “commenting” has nothing to do with expressing a critical view point!

It’s just evil language used on purpose to destroy the credibility or self-esteem of the targeted person or group. The common boring and non-creative language the Ninjas of Self-righteousness use are ludicrous killer statements like this:

  • “…you never… (vast generalization of any stereotype they believe in)
  • you are xyz… (insert worst gutter language – use your imagination – or don’t)
  • you don’t understand anything about… (implying they know everything there is to know about any given topic or at least know more about the subject than you do without knowing you and you better follow their reasoning otherwise you are a worthless…xyz who doesn’t understand anything)
  • …who are you anyway to state xyz, you are a nobody, nobody has ever heard about you… (stating you are not famous therefore your profound insights don’t count)
  • you have no idea what I have all done to…, been through, seen with my own eyes…etc… (saying between the lines life dealt them the wrong cards and they actually feel being a victim and you dared to point that out to them indirectly by pushing their buttons you did not know of nor expected it would trigger such verbal vomit)
  • what do you know… (basically saying you know nothing and you are a useless piece of…xyz)
  • you are just another…” (again stereotyping and generalizing by putting people in a box and pretend to feel good about having “told” the other who and what they “are” according to the hate speechers twisted world view)

 You can use your imagination to fill in the blanks. It’s an endless array of senseless BS language.

Online hate speech and personal attacks, which can and do spill over in the real world, are increasingly becoming a contagious pest in the fast-spreading societal global epidemic of hate language fans.

From personal observations of such kind of sub-human behavior certain people displayed towards me over the past couple of days, I can clearly see that highly destructive hate speech has been increasing significantly as of recently.

I am also reading the comment section of many Youtube Truth and Freedom channels and am appalled by all this unsubstantiated plethora of negative comments. A lot of what I call “trash language” is full of grammatical and orthographic errors. Using proper language seems negligible in the era of “Ground Zero Mentality”.

Quite a number of commenters are using garbled and incomprehensible ill logic language or words that make it impossible to figure out what point such contributors to confusion actually want to make – apart from vomiting vitriolic poison.

Hate speech – the end times of human dignity, ethics and total loss of morale?

There is a significant amount of people out there who seem to suffer from extreme distortion of self-worth, total lack of self-reflection and zero personal insight. Such wounded EGOs cannot show any honesty and dignity, let alone reflection about what messages they put out.

Many of the self-proclaimed and fully determined “make-the-world-an-even worse-place promoters” cannot see beyond their own flawed and outdated belief system, that they apparently never question, and therefore need to go against anybody who challenges that. Many would never muster the courage to deal with me (or others they slander) in a face to face conversation as they have no solid arguments to defend what they claim.

Many such misbehaving individuals are hiding behind fake profiles and do not mention their real name. I always put my real name and website to everything I publish as I do stand up for what I am saying. If I am wrong about something, then I correct my statement or upgrade my opinion to another level, once I have more knowledge about a certain topic that I believed was such and such, if it turned out there is more to it than I initially thought.

What’s so difficult to admit we were wrong about something? Isn’t all exploration in life about what our existence really is all about and sharing this with others?

The “it’s all about me-me-me” unaware dark speech types are very often completely incapable to put solid wisdom, coherent sentences, let alone well-researched knowledge or proper resource material on the table and have a fruitful and respectful discussion. To them it’s simply about killing the other verbally by supposedly pointing out their shortcomings in the most vitriolic and ridiculing fashion.

The usual tactic is the constant use of genera-lie-zations or laughable attempts to back up flawed logic with not very credible sources or even none at all – just making grandiose statements has become more and more common.

In the perceived end-times of feeble and substantially weakened human morale – we live now – quoting or establishing real facts has become obsolete, it seems. Increasing numbers of individuals prefer to be operating from emotions by default. Many do not have much control over their mental states and erroneously believe expressing themselves using harsh language is their “right of free speech”.

Speaking about extremes…

In stark contrast to the overbearing hate speech users are the “politically correct” timid people who shy away from any controversial topic (for fear of being criticized), have no real opinion on anything (as it could be politically incorrect), follow the mainstream herd (that’s perceived as safe), cannot be bothered to stand up for themselves (could be dangerous) or others (ditto), or are simply too lazy to do any research beyond the mainstream brainwashing, and stick to  believe in what is supposedly “safe”, out of convenience and conformism.

The politically correct ones rather stay sheeply asleep making sure they never stick their head too far outside their own self-created mind-prison box. Self-censorship and adamantly defending positions, mostly based in willful ignorance, that is their game.

It’s ok that people disagree on many issues of personal and public life but it is of absolutely no avail at all to keep bashing and trashing other people’s opinion, articles, videos or posts, simply for the heck of being self-righteous and getting some false-self egomaniac idea across, which doesn’t work anyway.

Changes have to come from the heart –
not from wounded or super-inflated ego-self.

The question here is: Why can so few people these days agree to disagree and discuss matters in a calm fashion and perhaps find some common ground and become friends instead of enemies?

Where does all this anti-social behavior come from?

There are many reasons for such misfit behavior. A major or probably the main reason is not knowing and not following Natural Law.

A selection of societal problems that we are now dealing with that arise from not knowing oneself and not following natural law are:

  • Some individuals of society are psychopaths or sociopaths and show extreme forms of narcissistic disorder and have no remorse, feel no guilt about what they say and do and how offensive and destructive their language and actions are.
  • System indoctrinated fear (false evidence appearing real) causes a lot of havoc in our world.
  • Total misunderstanding or complete lack of knowing what self-ownership and self-responsibility means and how that ties into Natural Law (do no harm to others – includes vitriolic speech).
  • People are unaware that language has a vibration and as a Law of the Universe – what you put out comes back to you with interest – yet, the self-righteousness activists even dispute Natural Law…or don’t know what it is to begin with.
  • A large number are suffering from unresolved emotional childhood wounds that got never addressed and have been repressed ever since. Such wounds erupt every time someone “pulls” a trigger by making an unintentional, innocent, neutral or provocative comment, or simply asks the “wrong” question.
  • Projection – people who refuse to look inside to clear up their emotional issues (that involves honest work on “thyself”) tend to engage in extreme forms of projection. Everything they lack internally they project onto others. According to their bizarre model of the world everybody else is at fault – never they themselves. Such individuals fail to see what needs healing within them and only see what’s wrong in the other person.
  • Unaware individuals also get tangled up in complete perversion of logic due to mental disorder or do it on purpose to attempt to throw other people off-track or scare them. It gives such individuals a sense of false superiority, which of course doesn’t last very long until their house of cards crumbles as they themselves cannot live up to their own twisted standards.
  • Too much GMO and junk food, alcohol or substance abuse cause higher centers of consciousness to shut down completely. Therefore, careless unaware individuals tend to operate from a low (or no) level of awareness and feel no restraint by any moral barrier to unleash anger and frustration onto others.
  • Mind control of all sorts, e.g. TV “programming”, nerve-system disrupting technology (e.g. Smart phones, Wifi) and magnetic waves, implants of all sorts (material and spiritual), radiation pollution, discordant music with hidden imbeded messages subliminally programming people, aggressive computer war games, corporate advertising, mental indoctrination which is breeding extreme forms of anti-social behavior (and of course many more, the list is endless).
  • Being denied love in one’s life (initially by caregivers, later on by life partners) is a big one for all these extreme forms of frustration expressed in angry verbal attacks.
  • People who express a lot of hate externally harbor the same extreme feelings inside themselves but cannot admit they do. They actually believe they do the “right thing” by freely imposing their “hatred views” on others.
  • Internet trolls whose job it is to stir up anger and aggression and make people engage in meaningless disputes and exchange of unpleasant back and forth arguing. Such trolls are keeping people away from finding truth about themselves and figuring out what’s REALLY going on in the world.
  • And many more reasons…

What are possible solutions for a return to mental sanity?

Well, one way is to stop using social media or at least stay away from reading nasty comments.

Luckily an increasing number of awake people realize if humanity continues on this road to perdition with excessive fighting over opinions, religions, political views, and adamantly insisting on being correct all the time (although nobody “owns” the full truth about anything), it keeps the divide and rule game of the globalist elite in place – and we are all doomed this way.

An excellent overview of what the globalist agenda involves you can read here.
Warning: For those who are not yet familiar with these concepts, this may shatter your existing worldview… 

Many people unconsciously and unknowingly operate under a highly flawed world view and belief system derived from years of public school indoctrination, mainstream fake media brainwashing, corporate mind control advertising and ruling over what we eat, drink and have to believe, and obediently follow rules, whether such rules make sense or not.

None or not the right questions are being asked – out of fear, apathy and ignorance and the perception that “I am too small – what can I do anyway.” As a collective we need to start challenging the old and failing systems and direct our energy towards the appropriate targets – not against each other.

The general lack of commitment to form new circles of community is largely due to the absence of personal courage, false sense of what actually establishes integrity, low morale, eroding values and trust in systems and self, and, not operating from a truly informed knowledge base, which far too many simply refuse to gain access to because it requires serious commitment to dismantle oneself from false beliefs.

Making sound decisions based on being able to discern “theater for the masses” type of fake truth from what is really at stake (our existence as a race) has become an absolute rarity in society. Putting in enough effort to find proper resources to healthily further the view of oneself and the world at large is too hard for the “easy jumping to conclusion types” basing their shallow and often superficial “knowledge” on incoherent and fake resources that our sickened society and its overlords certainly provide in abundance.

Remedy to our current condition is
only to be found in our hearts, not in our heads!

We have a more dangerous enemy to fight than each other.

This enemy is operating in the dark and behind the veil (see Wizard of Oz movie allegory…) and “they” – the controllers – globalists – fake philanthropists are the real threats to humanity who we need to address, pull their actions out into the light of mainstream and stop believing their blunt lies about everything. We must stop participating in wars and that includes the war against ourselves and each other – verbally and in action.

The global elite cabal has not only stolen most of this planet’s valuable resources, they have masterfully created a web of lies, illusions and deceptions and skillfully established the divide and rule concept – almost to perfection. Not every conspiracy is a theory…

The only way out of this misery is to put our differences behind and UNITE. If we cannot get beyond our ego-selves and learn to tolerate other tastes, preferences and opinions without constantly getting offended about the minutest details, we may soon see the fruits of such derailing from the true path of humanity.

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell

In the dystopian and Orwellian times we live now, people need to start wanting to know the truth about who we really are.

Hint, we are more than the sum of the labels we and others give ourselves and how much or little we possess. Humanity must correct its path! ASAP.

Stop endlessly fighting with each other or being apathetic and ignorant about what is happening in front of our eyes. A collective strive for freedom – liberty – and self-determination is desperately needed.

We do not have much time left to accomplish unity. Everybody who contributes towards negativity by either willfully staying in the “I don’t want to know” mental state, or always wanting to be politically correct, or the opposite, using extreme, vulgar or angry and disrespectful language, is supporting the dark forces in power who are robbing humanity – and the planet.

Some people believe going to other planets and settling there will solve our problems. Well, that is just another carrot stick and disguise to further the transhumanist agenda of merging humans with machine. If we cannot get along here – how can we get along in other places, totally foreign to our species? Ponder about that, if you will.

For now, we are all sitting in the same boat called – EARTH! We better not rock the boat till it capsizes completely just because we cannot get past our ego-selves. Let’s start applying and operating from Natural Law and use common sense for a change and consciously unlearn the brainwashing we have been subjected to since birth.

If you are interested in learning what Natural Law is watch this presentation:

Short version: Mark Passio – Natural Law In 10 Minutes

Long version: Mark Passio: Natural Law Seminar – FULL version

Deep understanding of true original esoteric and spiritual concepts.

Ultimately all beings on earth can choose how and what they want to contribute – make an investment into life or continue to march towards death!

The only thing that should die is the false-ego-self that dominates our social interactions to the brink of total madness – unless we stop it…

Ask yourself

Do I refuse to look for deeper truths of human existence?

Do I shy away from wanting to know truth?

Can I accept my own involvement in what has caused humanity to end up in such dire straits?

Do I ignore or dispute the undeniable fact that our obedience to exploitative systems and total acceptance of corporatocracy rulership has brought humanity to its knees?


Please do yourself and humanity a favor and reflect about this!

If you don’t know who is the enemy behind the veil of
deception and illusion

and what is the underlying problem of our society
(aka the masses still not realizing we live in a constructed Matrix system
consisting of Slaves = us and Overloards = Global Elite) –
how can anyone devise any solutions?


Christine is a committed Perception Changing Agent, determined to help others unravel the madness of modern life, encourage her fellow human beings to seek more nourishment for their life, and discover the magic that unifies us all.

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    Perception changing agent, I love this! Its perfect and I really hope there are more people like this very soon! So many people are within ‘willful ignorance,’ should we even try talking with these if they are so happy with everything? They certainly can’t make anything happen.

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      Thank you! Yes, agree we need more Perception Change Agents…

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