Life Is A KaleidoscopA photo by Robert Lukeman. unsplash.com/photos/_RBcxo9AU-Ue of POSSIBILITIES!

Christine Orth has had a lifelong interest in exploring the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts upon our collective search for the truth in all aspects of life.

Christine created Via Nova Life and sees it as part of her mission in life to spread the word on the availability of non-toxic cancer cures that are still being hidden from the public eye. She envisioned Via Nova Life – (via nova is the Latin word for “new way”) as a unique combination of tools, methodologies and information based on her personal experience and intense research of alternative medicine and ancient energy healing techniques. All of this is distilled and woven together to inspire fellow human beings to shift from competitive mindsets (= old paradigm thinking) towards a new more sustainable economy of collaborating and sharing (= new paradigm): Love with your brain and think with your heart!

Having successfully overcome cancer herself, Christine wants to spread uplifting information and new ways how to look at a dreaded dis-ease. She aims to educate people on the fact that there is a multitude of options available to restore health and live cancer free: mentally, physically and spiritually. Her mantra is: “Victory Over Cancer Is A Decision!”



Christine’s vision is to help individuals create a Via Nova Life using a unique combination of creative catalyst tools ranging from ancient wisdom teachings to modern science and quantum physics based principles and new information on non-toxic cancer cures. Her focus is to contribute planting and fostering seeds to transform fear (= false expectation about reality or false evidence appearing real) in peoples’ hearts and minds and to be a challenger of old paradigms. Christine sees herself as a Perception Changer Catalyst in helping other humans to find their inner wisdom in times of dire beauty, by bringing LOGOS into their life, and by showing how to plan and follow one’s own mission! Definition of Logos: meaning, purpose

The New Healthcare Model For The Future Could Look Like This!
(inspired by Dr. John Bergman, Chiropractic, CA, USA)

1) There is an innate intelligence in the body.

2) Health is the natural state of the body.

3) All therapies must be in harmony with the functions of the body.

4) Vaccinations will stop, until long term independent research is completed.

5) The Medical Schools will no longer accept funding or research from the pharmaceutical industry.

6) All healthcare research will be independent.

7) The Pharmaceutical Industry will be financially and morally responsible for their products.

8) All Humans will be able to choose any health care procedures themselves.

Freedom is the birth right of humanity!
It is time for human race to reclaim, to heal the planet, AND all its creation, on all levels of existence, and to allow humans to unfold their full and true potential, and finally break free from all bondages that keep the people of planet Earth small!