The New Paradigm: Think With Your Heart And Love With Your Brain!

We human beings are driven by two forces: Fear and Love. Fear (false evidence appearing real) is the absence of love and love is the absence of fear. Both these forces are mutually exclusive. That means they cannot co-exist in us at the same time. As both of these emotions have the strongest vibrations (fear is darkness, love is light) towards each pole of the equation, they cancel each other out. The daylight clears the darkness of the night. This is a universal law. As long as we focus all our actions on the outside – the material world – our results will be fleeting. We can only create a lasting, healthy and just new world in tune with universal laws when we step out of fear into love.

Love shall be our true religion and compass in life! All lasting effects are based in love. Fear creates destruction in our lives, our relationships, our bodies and minds! Simply talking about love changes nothing – you have to live it – walk your talk – and that includes speaking your own TRUTH. The truth will always strike a chord in the other being because it is in our innate nature to realize truth. Constantly looking for answers outside of ourselves will keep us away from our essence – which is love.

We are spiritual beings having a human presence not the other way round. Our biggest problems are not dis-eases, lack of money, climate change, etc. it is mass IGNORANCE.
Ignorance is a mere cover up for fear. As long as – unfortunately – still the majority of people on planet earth, is not willing to clean up their own act by turning inwards for solutions (and stop exploiting third world countries – we are one planet and should not be divided into “sectors”), we will continue to see a highly unbalanced and shaken world.

If you want to change the world, start with the man/woman in the mirror and be the change yourself. We can only shine our light from inside to outside – not the other way round…

Take responsibility for your entire existence. There is no shortcut to love – you need to go through all the ugly garbage (anger, hurt, sadness, fear) inside of you – clean it out – and step into personal truth. 

Heal yourself first, then heal the world. You cannot fix something outside of you when you are broken, hurt and afraid inside. All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self-evident. (Quote by Arthur Schoppenhauer). The simple truth behind FEAR is false evidence appearing real. The action call to LOVE is let old vibes expire. Then the new YOU can emerge.

We were all broken at some point in our life. The difference is between those who acknowledge it, stand up, dust themselves off and step outside the box of fear confinement and those who hide behind the social masks (intellectualizing, projecting, supporting old structures but still hoping for change). Those holding on to their mask, where ignorance and often stupidity are residing, keep attracting unfavourable events into their lives. There is even scientific – quantum physic evidence –  you attract what you vibrate. Fear has the lowest vibration of everything only toppled by DEATH of physical body.

As soon as we step into love and give up fear, disorientation loses its grip on us and we are FREE HUMAN BEINGS. 



  1. Valentina


    Speaking on fear, I came across another article which said that animals cannot be made to do something out of fear and therefore it is actully easier to manipulate a human! Shocking… I hope everyone on our planet vibrates pure love 🙂

    • mm



      That is true – animals will either attack if in fear or become stoic or apathetic. Humans can easily be manipulated because they are always in fear of death. Animals are not – they never think of death… that’s why cannot be tricked into doing something out of fear, yet they can be conditioned to do things foreign to their nature…

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