Are We Approaching Ground Zero of Humanity?

Reflections on the Increase of Vitriolic Language in Social Media and Daily Life.

I do agree and understand that everybody prefers to hear only positive stuff and stay away from the negative. Yet, this is the whole point of this article!

Few know that Humanity is living under Black Law which is in opposition to Natural Law (do no harm!).  See video links what Natural Law is below.

We cannot achieve positive things if we continue to ignore the dark side of our existence and why it is so dark…

Hint: We have something to do with it…the majority of us doesn’t know what Natural Law is…and this is where all misunderstandings of humanity begin…

“Haters don’t hate you.
The reality is they fear that they will never be able to
get to where you are now…”

For everybody who wants to up-level their understanding about the impact of our

Shamanic Forest Bathing in Germany

Germany, June 2017

This article is a reflection on the insights gained during my recent trip to my home country, Germany, in June 2017.

This journey was really all about taking a break from the all pervasive conditioned responses to life, getting away from cold Dubai shopping malls and the unbearable summer heat in the Middle East.

I vowed to disconnect from technology as much as possible, aka going on a Smart Phone diet. I wanted to simply spend quiet time in pure nature.

With few exceptions, I stayed true to my resolve and spent each day a min. of 6 – 8 hours in nature, mostly inside forests, parks or walking along scenic riversides and beautiful lakes.

I visited the forests of Schwarzwald, Hunsrück, and Taunus and spent true quality time with myself walking and deep breathing the (mostly) fresh forest air and engaging in my favorite mode of

The Shamanic Antidote to Major Health Crisis and Abdication of Self-responsibility

Lack of willpower leads to abdication of self-responsibility

In many health and cancer forums I frequently come across these “Has Anyone Heard of xyz Cure” postings. What seems like a logic thing to do – ask others for their experience or help is actually in many cases counterproductive.  Asking for such help has become a widespread habit in social media which I would call “abdication of self-responsibility”.

Many people will not agree on this but let me elaborate on it a bit more.

When we face what it really is, we may actually realize it’s a lack of personal willpower to do one’s own proper research. And when I use the word research I mean research in depth, not just visiting a couple of websites and reading a few articles on whatever cure there is for cancer or other chronic illnesses. Qualified research includes the need to not only