Hyperinflation Of The Free Give-Away Industry

“Sign up for my Newsletter and get this free E-Book, Article, etc.” Every day we are bombarded with advertising riding high on the something for “Free” marketing wave. Products and giveaways for free, automated services, such as video tutorials, for free. By now everybody has been accustomed to having and expecting everything to be free, not realizing that this is just a revolving door, where the marketer is coming through the backdoor and asking for your personal data and money. What is annoying about this pandemic form of advertising is that it creates a lot of noise, aka information overflow, which throws people either off track or into constant distraction losing focus of what is important in life = real connection with real people!

A result of this type of advertising is the following phenomenon:

  • shortened attention span (on average people cannot carry a meaningful conversation anymore as they

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2017 is a year of huge shifts and massive transformation. The energies are very disruptive, nothing stays as it was. We are all tossed into various states of confusion and forced to upgrade our thinking. In this Blog, I share articles that are challenging the current paradigm of competition and being separate. I pick up on new ideas and themes to help create a New Story for Human Kind. Living a healthy life in line with our true nature creates the absence of cancer and other degenerative illnesses. Exposing the truth and awakening from the collective dream about false material reality is the first step towards a new positive and sustainable world  for human race to peacefully globally co-exist.

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Stop “Owning” A Dis-ease!

Belief Systems And How Thoughts Become Things…

Fear is paying for something in advance that may never happen! And Dis-ease is a belief system in itself. Don’t buy into it. You are not a slave of your DNA. You can think yourself sick or you can think yourself healthy. Thoughts can actually change protein production, which means you can produce cells that eliminate cancer from your body forever. Chose to think yourself well.

Some people are actually master of their emotions. They are negative all the time. – Tony Robbins

Start paying attention what you are filling your brain with. Watching the news is one example of constant negative feeding of your nervous system, as there is always some kind of disaster happening and you take it in by watching. Stop lying to yourself, and you get a breakthrough in limiting believes!

Stop listening to disharmonious popular music played on