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Via Nova Life invites you to uncover your personal "walk of life" - what are you burning for? How to follow your own goals and unleashing the potential inside you that you have kept away from yourself and the world for so long.

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Get the new Ebook "Victory over Cancer is a Decision!"THERE IS GOOD NEWS! Cancer is NO Death Sentence - It's a WAKE UP Call to change your life radically! It's all a matter of perspective... Miracles start happening when you BELIEVE!

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Via Nova Life is a comprehensive tool kit ranging from kinesiology testing, ancient Shamanic wisdom techniques , bio-feedback, intuitive awareness exercises and many more. Become your own Agent of Change!

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Via Nova Life 

Transforming Your Awareness –
Emergency Investment Into Your Life!

There is life before, and there is better life after
your biggest obstacles…

Get re-sourced and re-calibrated.
Continue with a larger vision of life and self.

Go into something new that has heart, meaning and vision and
do something purposeful with the rest of your life.



Via Nova Life stands for LIVE LIFE BEYOND FEAR!
 Step out of the box of mainstream thinking and wake up to yourself. Up to now you may never have truly given yourself the opportunity to show what you are capable of. Overcome the fear that keeps you away from your your awakened and informed life!

HEALTH IS WEALTH – Mentally – Physically – And In Spirit!

Are you asking yourself the following questions:  

Will I ever find a solution to my issues?
Why has the world become such a bizarre place?
What do I need to learn to up-level my awareness about reality?
We are all “Victims” of decades of mass media brainwashing – there is no shame in admitting that everything we believed in is actually a lie…

Coming out of a Trance-Formation

We are living in times where more and more people find their day to day jobs meaningless and unfulfilling. Burn-out is becoming a common phenomenon. What is burn-out? Very simply put, it means you have agreed to follow someone else’s goals in life and not your own. You do this till the point when you realize enough is enough or you have a physical and mental melt-down. Via Nova Life invites you instead to uncover your personal “walk of life” – what are you burning for? Resolve to step into self-awareness and follow your own goals by opening up to deeper levels of self-knowledge.

Via Nova Life is foremost about helping people realize and search for the truth about reality by lifting the veil of false belief systems about everything from personal life, work, health to business and economy.

The purpose is to become whole and healthy through transformation of

  • Energy blocks (blocks can form on various levels, e.g. organ, body, soul, emotional, mental)
  • Hindering Belief Systems (many beliefs were formed in childhood, taken over from parents, culturally defined, media, etc.)
  • Understand the real reasons for dis-ease (what is the meaning and personal story behind illness and where does illness really start)

by connecting to your own TRUTH.

Become passionate about learning to discern truthful information from irrelevant data. Make new empowered life changing decisions!

Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2

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